Tuesday, May 29, 2007


So ....how do you choose insert?
What is the different?
How to solve heavy wetter night time diapering?

Here are the inserts from left to right:
Flannel booster ( to be use as "extra" added absorbency.
Regular insert ( great for newborn as it is trim and can be use as booster as well)
GAD onesize hemp insert
GAD onesize microfiber insert
WAHMIES onesize microfiber insert
Lil' weeds by hemp babies(this can be use with bumgenius XS setting for newborn to eliminate bulkyness and can be use as night time booster for bigger babies)

These two is the insert than can be use as booster and flannel booster.
If you need just an extra absorbency you might use this.

GAD onesize hemp insert. GAD insert design can be set in small/medium (as shown here) and Large.
The flap can be put in the middle (see picture) or in the front.

GAD hemp is great solution if you like the trimness. But it will be more heavy and it dry longer. If you like you can use Hemp insert for for night time( 2-3 pcs for your whole stash of diapers)
I do not use hemp insert exclusively . I use it for night time alternate it with WAHMIES onesize

If you got heavy wetter the first choice , that you can choose is:
GAD hemp insert with regular insert to be use together.

Another great option for night time diaper for heavy wetter:
WAHMIES insert wrapped in Little weeds (by hemp babies)

Just put Wahmies on the top of Lil' weeds

Then fold. See the Wahmies is sandwiched between the lil' weeds?

Here is Lil' weeds use together with GAD microfiber insert.
You can also use this with GAD hemp if you like

Just to show the GAD and Wahmies here:

This is GAD microfiber (it's been use for more than 8 month , so color not so white)
and WAHMIES (this is brand new wahmies so color still pure white :D:D)

Both are made with 2 layer of microfiber(faster drying) , but when in use it will be 4 layers all together.

If you have new born baby , Lil' weeds also can be use . Specially with Bumgenius XS setting. It will eliminate bulkyness. If you use the Bumgenius(cotton babies) insert, it will be very bulky in newborn.

Here how to fold:
just fold the left and right part to the center.

Then it is ready to be inserted to pocket diaper. It is trim! And you can also use this with Freshbots, Bummis cover, any pocket diaper for newborn.
Later on when baby gets bigger use this as booster (shown above)

I forget to include Cotton babies insert in the pictures!!! Cotton babies onesize insert come with Bumgenius pocket diaper. I will make pics after this...
This is the inset that comes with bumgenius (cotton babirs onesize insert).See the snaps?
This is Cotton babies onesize insert on small setting