Thursday, March 26, 2009

Restocking this month

Hi Ladies

This month we just restocked this great items

Littlepods Baby sling pouch.

BumGenius 3.0 Onesize diapers ( hurry stocks run out fast)

NEW Drybees bamboo fitted diapers
This fitted is amazing! It is very suitable for heavy wetter at night. My own girl is a very heavy wetter and this is the only diaper that can hold on to it !

GAD hemp inserts and doublers as well

WAHMIES Regular wetbags too!!

Till then!! TAKE CARE

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Join the Earth Hour 2009

Make a different! Please watch the video before to know more and to appreciate this simple gesture.
We do what we can to vote for earth , make a statement and show that you CARE!

We can't change it over night, we can't stop the war, we can't single handedly fight word's poverty, but can we just switch off our light for one hour?

This is a beginning of something........
Will you be there?
To show that you care?

If you are families with young kids, be free to on your light back before 9.30 or just on one light in the whole house.
When is the last time you had a candlelight dinner with your spouse?
or playing shadow puppet show with your fingers?
or just be outdoor gazing out at the stars?

Please show that you might feel your small gesture is useless, but if 5 millions households joining in, that is a whole lots of lights that we will save in one nation. How about in 83 nations and 60 millions people ? Does it count?

Click here for Malaysian's site
KLCC , KL sentral, KL Tower , Putra Jaya, Penang Bridge will be black to show that they care!

Earth Hour 2009 . Saturday 28th of March , 8.30 pm

I am just ONE person.......