Wednesday, July 25, 2007

How many do you need? and how much do you really save?

This is the first thing that come to my mind the first time I am going to invest to cloth diapers.
How many do I need? I need to plan my budget , and just to get the idea of how much will I really save?
Thanks to MommyQ with her questions, and I wrote it in my forum. So just to share it here.
Hope you will find it useful!

Well first it is depends on your kid and how often to you wash, but I think we all wash it everyday rite?
On USA/overseas site sometimes they wash it every other day or every 3 days.So that's why they need it more.

I use about 6-10 diapers for Maya every day.

This is what I think will be sufficient for the basic :

Newborn until 5 month will need the most , let's say about 12 changes in 24 hours. And you will need about 4-5 diaper extra when the rest are being wash. So using combination of prefolds(1 dozen ) and 3 covers , plus about 3-4 of pocket or fitted (for nap time, or night time or outing)
During NB stage to 3 months , onesize diapers might not fit nicely. Most onesize diaper fits well for baby weight more than 5 kg.
Cost estimation: RM 90(prefolds) + Rm 125.7 (for 3 covers) + RM 225 for 3 pockets+inserts=RM 440.7 (ok let's round it up to RM 500 for additional boaster, insert, liner etc)

For babies 5-12 month a good amount will be 6-8 diapers changes for every 24 hours. This is what I use for my DD Maya , she uses about 6-7 /day. It will be nice to stock about 2 more for rainy day or extra poo poo day.:)It will be good if you take 3 onesize and 3 sizes diapers
Cost estimation: RM 450 for pocket 6 diapers including inserts + extra 2 more diapers (one can be night time diaper)RM 160 =Rm 610
Since the insert ffrom SMALL size still can be use(if you buy onesize insert), you will just need to buy pocket diaper or some additional insert if you need.So RM 610 will be the budget for pocket diapers , 3 inserts and some wipes if you use it.

For toddler you will need about 5 diapers/day. You can stock up 6 diapers. If you use onesize diapers you still can use it on toddler stage.You might need to use night time diaper as most toddler are heavy wetter.
Cost estimation : about RM 200-450

Potty train stage: you still need diaper for nap time or night time for a while. And you might want to use Training pants. 4 -6 training pants will be good enough.
Cost estimation: RM200-RM 300

TOTAL COST ESTIMATED for cloth diapers for one child RM 1860 (add abit more if you use wetbags, pail, or cloth wipes)Let's say RM 2000 , and this still can be use for next babies.

Comparison to disposable :
NB-5 months about 8-10 diapers/day for 5 months:
8pcsx30daysx5months=1200pcs, cost if RM 0.7 = RM 840

5m - potty train stage(3 years) if 6 diapers /day for 31 months
6pcsx30daysx31months= 5580 diapers x RM 0.7 = RM 3906

TOTAL COST for disposable diapers for one child= RM 4746 and that goes to the trash can!

MommyQ also made another details calculation and the Total amount for disposable diapers for 3 years are RM 4650. That is again only for one child! Imagine how much you can save for 2 or 3 children, and even when you splurge abit with choices , prints and colors, you still will save money! sound nice..isn't it? :)

I think I will put here on the details of what I am using on my dd.

Normal day would be 6-7 diapers (including night diaper)
I wash every morning at 7 am. Pocket will be dry at 12noon - 3 pm depends on weather.:)

So my daily routine is:
6.30 AM : first diaper change at 6.30 (I take out the night diaper) and put fitted diaper and cover for Maya.
9.30-10.00 AM: she will have morning bath. So again diaper change but I just change her fitted diaper and reuse same cover.
12.30-13.00: Diaper change again normally to pocket diaper.
16.00: another bath and change to another pocket diaper.
19.00: another change to pocket diaper
21.00-22.00: late nursing time and I also change her to fleece pocket that last until 6.30 am next morning.

I like to use fitted in the morning, since I dont need to change the cover every time I change the fitted diaper.

So from washing time at 7 am until the drying time at about 3 pm , I will need 2 fitted , 1 cover(morning), 1 pocket and 1 insert(afternoon).
If my fitteds are not yet dry, I still can use prefolds. I use prefold when Maya was younger, and now it serve as "back up" insert or I use it with cover.

I got 3 covers , since cover dry very fast it is great to use during rainy season. It dries almost instantly after wash. (bummis and thristies) and a few xtra pocket diapers also great, that one dry fast too!And I think if you got some extra lampin it can be use as well as insert, specially on this rainy season

Hope that helps! :D