Friday, September 12, 2008

Restocked! Littlepods sling pouch!

Just been re-stocked! Littlepods baby sling pouch! So versatile, so light , so comfortable , you will love it!

For the active parent, the Littlepods Baby Sling provides a convenient hands-free way to carry your baby or toddler. It can be used from newborns to toddlers up to 15kg and is a great way to calm fussy babies. Completely hassle-free, there are no straps, buckles, rings or adjusting to worry about.

Made from comfortable stretch cotton, this pouch-style baby carrier has just enough stretch to ensure that your baby will be snug and comfortable while promoting bonding between parent and child.

Littlepods Baby Sling folds up compactly and is small enough to throw into your diaper bag. It can be used as a baby blanket and comes with a handy little pocket and toy loop for play things or pacifiers.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cloth Diapers Overwhelmed! And recent updates

I hope you are all in good health and spirit. Mia Bambina just have some restocking for
Drybees small and medium pocket and Wahmies All Day Wetbags.

Soon there will be more on Drybees Fleece pocket ( a night time diapers), More on Drybees Hyrbids AIO and finally Drybees Insert will be back in store.

So what is with the Cloth Diapers overwhelmed ?

There are more and more cloth diapers stores in Malaysia, which is a good sign that the awareness are finally kickin' in. I am glad that this cloth diapers thing can get more and more new moms out here.

And as a e-store that specialize in cloth diapers I am sure that all the other e-stores owner will agree with me , that the choices now can be overwhelming for new comer in Cloth Diapers.

So the bottom line is how to choose?
Which one to start?

I am glad if I receive an email from a mom that wants to try to Cloth Diapered their baby. But sometimes, if the first CD she tried doesn't work, she will be so upset and give up on CD.
Please don't!!
There are many option out there, there are forums for CD now, you can ask around, blog hopping, and find the one that suit your life style and budget too!

Just to share on a few tips on how to choose, and where to buy this CD
1. Type of cloth diapers , as we know there are pocket, fitted, AIO, onesize, AI2, Cover, prefold

2. Material. This is an important thing to consider. Specially if your baby has a very sensitive skin. Some of mass production made diapers , actually have a strong chemicals smell on it. And this might cause concern. ( this is based on my personal experience and are not sold in my e-store)and also if the diapers are made with velcro/aplix closure, make sure it is APLIX as it is different from normal velcro that will be ruin in the matter of months. Aplix is the one we are looking for as it can last long.

3. Price range, there are the low bottom price, medium range and high end diapers with embroidery and such. Choose what you prefer. For me I have the daily diapers, and outing diapers. If you can afford you can spulrge on custom made or embroidery diaper for special occasion ( birthday maybe?) or if you just want to be practical , you can just stick to the basic diapers such as prefold and diaper covers. The choice is endless.

4. You might also consider to buy a well known diapers (there are also a great Malaysian Mom made diapers) . As most of it offer a guarantee. Check it with your seller. If you buy a good quality diapers , this will not be a often case , but still sometime a bad batch diapers can happen. So you can refer back to your seller , if they can replace your 3 months old diaper's elastic free of charge? or snaps? or the stitches ? Can they replace you with a new one if the damage is major?
Mia Bambina offer this service for their customers , email me for details.

5. Last but not least... the seller must have a good knowledge about diapers and at least use it and try it on their own kids or if not ,at least know how the real diapers works and how is the fitting, how to fix the leaking problem, washing etc. They also need to know the material , the type and where is the diapers are made ( if the customer concern about that)

Some or I might say most of my customers worry about the quality more than the price. Most of moms looking for a good quality diapers , diapers that can last long , and be use for the next children but between an affordable price range.

6. Another thing to consider is if you plan to re-sell your cloth diapers after you kids are done with it. Don't be surprise that second hand diapers are in good demand now. So if you have a good quality diapers, you can sell it even after your baby used it in a reasonable price.

So I hope this post will help you to choose and to consider which type of diapers to try and use,what to buy and where to buy it. If you haven't started to use Cloth Diapers and always want to give it a try, you are never too late and you don't have to convert over night! Build your stash slowly, use up the disposable that you have now. Start with 3-6 cloth diapers this month and add more on the next months. And if you are still expecting, try to build up your stash during your pregnancy , buy a few different style but minimize the quantity. When your baby is born, you will see which style suit him better, and if you want to try other brands and style ( big chance you will!! trust me :) ) you can try it later on.

Cloth diapering is a great journey, there will be trial and error sometimes but most of the times it will be GREAT!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Cloth Diapering!