Sunday, September 9, 2007

Parentpreneur and The "soul" of my e-store

I just love and couldn't agree more with the word of "Parentpreneur" . I am not entrepreneur or what so ever business woman typo. I am just a parent who happens to run an home based e-store.
And I don't have a entrepreneur background, or did a formal course for business , and I don't have a certificate that said I am passed to be a parent as well. (sound familiar?)

So what is a Parentpreneur? I found a book from Julie Lenzer Kirk , she described:

" Most people think you can't be serious about business and also be a good parents. Or , if you are a good parent, you have to let things slide at work. The truth is , they are more similarities between these two roles than there are differences.
There are no exam to be an entrepreneur and no way to earn a degree in parenting."

I become a mom without skill at all but I am doing it anyway. So does for the e-store.
And I do treat my e-store like my child. I want people to feel "the soul" behind my e-store and I hope this will distinguish it from other e-stores. I want it to give joy, warm, happiness, I want people to connect with it. Even though it is just a virtual site, I want to lift it up by giving a "soul " behind it.

I want people to feel , when they go through my e-store that , the items listed there have personal feeling to me, I choose that to be use on my own kids , so the choices there are truly personal. What is really work for me and my kids. And being tested by a real mom, to see if that items can fit into our lifestyle in Malaysia.

Raising Mia Bambina is like raising my own children , here is how:

I do have lots of passion for it. And the most important I do have bonding with it. I love every single second I spend with it.

If other "babies" can walk at 10 months of age , and my " bambina" is still crawling, I don't mind either, I believe each" baby" got their own pace to reach certain milestones.

Surviving the first year is just an amazing journey, like every babies, the first year is the most important timing. "spit" up will happens a lot too...:) but hey, it is just a part of healthy growing.

I do expect many hiccups , stumbles, falls to happens during the first 2-3 years . ( yeah ..must prepare extra "band aid")

I do expect to have a "terrible two" :) ( Mom.....I can do it ! let me do it!, that is mine! I don't want to share! )

I also allow mistakes to happens. ( and make sure it understand the mistake and promise not to repeat the same mistake *hmm finger cross*) :-D

And I teach my "bambina" to feed it self eventually. ( still on the training for this, the starting will be a very messy job and needs a lots of cleaning up)

I teach it to earn respect and show respect to others. (this is the ground rules for my other kids too!)

I also emphasized on positive "NO" ( "No, you can't have that now, but you can have this instead")

I encourage creativity and positive attitudes. ( "How should we color the tree? Let's see what will we do if we mix these 2 colors" )

and I celebrate the "uniqueness " of each "individual" ( "Yes, the other girl does have a long blond hair, dear! but you are equally pretty and sweet with your short brown hair!" )

And the most important I feel PROUD to see my bambina grow , each day, during its up and down. I like it when it got a praise on from other moms , I like it when people feel connected with it.

I do hope I can enjoy Mia Bambina trough laughter and cries in years to come.

Well, I just hope that you can feel "the soul" of my "baby" too! And most important I do hope it can bring you joy!

It is not perfect, no body is, but by allowing a healthy grow, positive environment, self respect, I am sure it will grow to be a fine young lady.......some day...somewhere......

Till then....

mom of 3 : Indy, Maya and Mia Bambina. *wink*