Friday, December 28, 2007

2007 Year End Greeting

I just want to use this opportunity to express my gratefulness to all of you , that made my year 2007 wonderful!

Mia Bambina was born not too long ago and yet I gained so many good friends and know a lots of amazing moms from my e-store! All of you have support me more than you know, not only in business wise but more in relationship and friendship!

As the first year of running e-store, I often tumbled in many obstacles , but with His help and your support I can went through it .

I must figured out and learned how to handle: budgeting, source a great items, and tried the items ( the best part of running this e-store!LOL), learn HTML codes, and also I must learned how to handle a few of "sour" times too. We must admit that most e-store are run by women and women do a lot of cat fights ! And as a human I admit , I am not perfect, and made mistakes. Maybe my good intentions had been interpret wrongly, or someone used my "Friendly" email and forward it to other persons, or to USA's companies and used it to attack me back. I will not dish all the details of all the sour things here. :)
I try my best not to react by attacking back ( by blogging back or put a vicious comments back), but I try to contact the person directly and deal with it rather that blog about it. I think that is more proper.
But I guess I am so blessed that many of you stand by me during this "bumps" and believe in me.

My father's wisdom words to me: earn the reputation is much harder than earn a profit. To make profit just buy something and re-sell it at higher price. But to earn reputation you need far a lot more than just buy and re-sell. This is what I am trying to imply to my self.

Anyway...Thanks so much for making 2007 so great! It is so rewarding to read your blogs about cloth diapers, your comments, your e-stores , your baby's photos in Cloth Diapers! I still got ALL of your emails, when you first contacted me, YES I keep those emails for me, and I keep it in my heart for my memory, so when one day , I stop to run the e-store , I will still be able to read your emails! And most of you now, are practically CD experts!

And many times , I think, if I don't run Mia Bambina, I wouldn't got the chance to know most of you! And my life will be pretty boring! LOL.
Also because of my estore I started to blog ( back in May 2006, after 5 months running my e-store) and then start a small tiny CD forum after that. I was just worry , if I open the forum to early I will end up with empty forum , so I must gain more awareness first in Malaysia. Since that forum will be the first CD forum in Malaysia. So before the forum open and the blog run, I need to create awareness, I started at MMB forum , and I know some of my great friends from MMB!

Some times if I think back, running an e-store can be a bit scary. And I realize not everybody are happy with me. But I can't make everybody happy. So I just must accept it.And keep my head up and look at 2008 with full of hope , joy and love , the best of all continue our friendship! Without you all there is no Mia Bambina today!

Happy New Year 2008.....


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Night time and outing

Night time diapering is consider the most challenging part in the cloth diapering experience.

Many moms are scare to try or still haven’t got the right solution /option that is work for their children.

The most common tips is to use Pocket diaper with extra doublers or use more absorbent inserts ( such as hemp) . But there are other options that moms can try , like:

Use a absorbent fitted diapers with a good diaper cover.

Fitted diaper that is made from a absorbent material can work wonderfully as night time diaper.

Most of the fitted, specially the one that is made from natural organic material will not give baby a dry feeling( unless it is lined with microfleece or suede material in the inner liner)

If you like fitted but are concern about baby will feel the diaper's wet, consider to use nappy liner or fleece liner.

Please note that fitted diapers, specially the absorbent one are usually slightly thicker and will take longer time to dry.

If you use fitted diaper you will need a diaper cover. Some moms love fleece cover, as it is more breathable for pro long wear at night.

Good diaper cover is soft and breathable. Other thing that you must pay attention to is the type of fastener/closure.

There are: hook and loop ( aplix/Velcro),Snaps ( front or side), Pull up.

PUL is the most common use material for good diaper cover. And it is quite affordable too. Followed by Nylon. Vinyl is the most affordable and nearly can be find in any store carry baby’s products. This is the type of “plastic pants”. Very affordable but not breathable and not very durable.

Fleece cover is breathable , soft but not absorbent.

Or also some brands of CD have a night time pocket diaper that is made from fleece outer layer , instead of PUL.

The other cover that you can use is wool cover. Wool is soft , absorbent , breathable and antibacterial. It require less washing, but need a different care than other diaper cover.

Other tips for night time diapering:

- I often prefer to refer night time diapering as 8-10 hours max of diapering at night.

- If your baby is a heavy wetter, it will be really helpful to use the diaper at maximum of 8 hours. You might want to change him just before he go to bed and change the same diaper early in the morning to avoid any leaking.

- You might need to add boaster to your CD.If you use fitted , you can add a stay dry doubler, to give him a dry feeling through the night.

Diapering on the go.

It is not impossible to use cloth diaper while you are out and about.

If you use lampin/prefold at home , you might want to invest on some pocket diaper or AIO for outing.

What you will need is

Diapers. ( up to you can be pockets, AIO , fitted with cover, or prefold and cover)

Wetbag/waterproof bag

Wipes ( disposable wet wipes or cloth wipes with the solution, this can be as simple a plastic container filled with clothes wipes with solution in them or carry the solution in another small container /spray bottle container))

Changing pad or one prefold or lampin as changing pad

How many do you need?

Just bring the usual amount of cloth diapers your baby would need for the time you will be out. And add extra one for just in case.

Cloth diapering during trips and travel

I found cloth diapering is possible to use for traveling as well.

If you are still not sure and comfortable, don’t be afraid to mix with disposable for the moment.

The main key point to consider :

  1. Is your destination have easy access to washing machine or laundry?
  2. How about the drying space or dryer?
  3. do you have time to wash CD your self?

For long journey trip, you might want to bring another 2 extra CD for just in case, I found AIO or pocket is the easiest to deal with.

Be prepare to change your baby everywhere beyond your imagination.

In the car, airport, stroller, on your lap, in the waiting room chair, in a cab, inside the tiny aircraft lavatory and the list goes on!

So plan ahead, bring your favorite, easy to use diaper. If you got a wiggly baby, a diaper that can be put on in ONE FAST step is a plus. For me this is the best time for AIO or stuffed pocket.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Huggalugs in stock!

We area glad to have Huggalugs in stock this December.

Hug your little ones in colour with Huggalugs range of Leg and Arm Huggers.

Designed to keep little legs and arms warm at all times:

    • under pants or under skirts
    • no pants or no skirts
    • just a nappy or no nappy
    • under tops, over tops or no tops at all

Huggalugs super funky Huggers will keep little legs and arms covered, protecting them from the elements and hard surfaces.

Our Leg and Arm Huggers are also the perfect accessories for helping little ones learn to dress themselves. Children are able to pull Huggers on all by themself, even over shoes, one at a time without the hassle of pulling up bottoms or pulling a shirt over their heads. And when you use Huggalugs Leg and Arm Huggers to help your little one learn to dress themself, they can stay warm and clothed at all times, as our Huggers fit over clothing.

You can also use Huggalugs Leg and Arm Huggers as a light weight accessory to help prevent kid’s arms and legs from becoming dinner for those darn mozzies. For extra protection give them a light spray of repellent after putting them on. This is especially good for sensitive skin.

And even better…


The same product is used on both the arms and the legs.

One size fits most from birth to six years up to the thigh. Leg & Arm Huggers can also be worn by older children, teens and adults as traditional calf height leg warmers, arm warmers and open toed socks.

Please have a look in stock items HERE
Maya in Goodtimes Huggalugs as leg hugger

Maya in Candy Soft Pink Huggalugs as leg hugger

Indy with Goodtimes Huggalugs as arm hugger

Maya with Goodtimes Huggalugs as leg hugger. This photo was taken in Guangzhou , China . Fall 2007.
Indy with Aqua Huggalugs as arm hugger. This was also in Guangzhou China. Fall 2007

Friday, December 14, 2007

Scarlet Secret reveal by end of this month!

As seen in the Cloth diapers news , Mia Bambina will carry Scarlet Secret SOON!

Picture of Scarlet Secret's starter kit (retail at USD 18 in USA)

What is Scarlet Secret?
Scarlett Seret will keep you menstrual pads looking like the day you bought them. Our formula fights stains, gets rid of bacteria, softens the fabric all the while being friendly to our environment. Easy to use! Just add one tub of SS into 16 oz of warm water, shake and you are ready! Apply a liberal squirt to potential stained areas or soak in a shallow pan or zip close bag. SS can also be used on cloth diapers to pre-treat those stains before they set in.

Scarlett Secret is a mixture of Rosemary Extract (natural preserver), Fruit Extract (natural brightener), Soybean extract (natural fabric softener), Tea tree oil (Natural antibacterial), and Sodium Percarbonate (cleaning agent that is environmentally compatible).
Comes in two natural scents Lavender Essential Oil or Orange Essential Oil.

The story behind Scarlet Secret:

Hello, my name is Scarlett Johnston. I have been practicing attached parenting for 10 years now, I have 3 children all who were born in our home, in a loving peaceful way. I am truly blessed. Before my second child was born, I remembered what a mess it was to get all of the things clean that had gotten stained through birthing. I was determined to not have my sheets and pads ruined this time. I did lots of research and came up with a solution that would keep linens from staining, keep bacterial from growing and it smelled wonderful too!
I was so excited about what I made, that after my daughter was born I brought some of the solution to a natural parenting group I was in. I was interested to find that I wasn't the only one would had problems with my pads and linens staining. I gave some of the solution to my friends and they loved it!! I started slowly selling it in meetings and now have started my own business, hoping I can make another Mother's life a little easier!
That is how my little company was born, at home like the rest of them. :wink:

Picture of Scarlett Secret's refill pack ( retail at USD 12 in USA)

Estimated Retail price in Malaysia RM 47.50 ( the refill only. Starter kit will not be available at the moment) , you will be able to make about 16 oz of solutions ( that is about 475 cc ).

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mamma pads comparison

This is the comparison of the mamapads ( left to right)
Ultimate original in purple
Ultimate II in blue jeans
Ultimate heavy flow in orange sherbet
Ultimate regular flow in purple
Comfort contour medium in orange sherbet
Here is the same pads as above but I put all until the tiny liners so you can see the different:
Again from left to right
Ultimate original ( longest)
Ultimate heavy flow
Ultimate regular flow
Comfort contour medium
Raw tussah silk liner
Hemp silk liner
Tiny liners

I will have this endura pads in wings (heavy, regular and light flows )and also endura in ultimate II, heavy flow, regular flow and tiny pads.

For mamapads I do not take pre order. First come first serve , sorry :) And I will announce it in my blog and estore front page.

And I can't guarantee when I will have the next batch arrive ( hopefully before end of the year)
As for Mama pads this time, I will have some "new" surprise material..
As I don't know about the prints or color yet , So I can't post it here.

The next big round of restocking will be expected in Feb 2008.



Friday, December 7, 2007

Baking soda , vinegar and BLEACH

Here is the answer to moms that are wondering what is the purpose of baking soda and vinegar.
There are some that love to wash their cloth diapers with these and there are some that literally cursed it, and said that those 2 ingredients make their diapers smell even more.

And where do I stand? I stand in the middle. Judge your self and search online , and if you are not sure , if you can use this 2 , with your diaper, you can check with the seller or go to the product website to read about washing instruction.

From many cloth diapers site, suggesting baking soda and vinegar is the most common .
But there are some brands that does not suggest baking soda and vinegar , instead recommending BLEACH.

What ? BLEACH? And from what we know is that BLEACH is the BIG NO NO in washing CD.
Again , from the manufacturer site, the said : wash only with detergent and OCCASIONALLY ad 1/4 bleach into washing machine.
And I've personally asked to a friend and a diaper guru, she also said, occasionally adding diluted bleach into CD load is ok. We talking about PUL, or fitted and I am not sure for minkee or other materials. And I've try it my self.
Bleach will be useful if you got smelly diaper ( when baby just peed on it and the smell is very strong). This happen because of detergent residue and I think happen more often with AIO .
But it also can happen to any type of diapers.

What you can do is diluted one part of bleach to 3 parts of water and add into your washing machine. Add detergent and wash as normal.

BLEACH is a big NO , when:
You rub it directly to the diaper
Soak diaper with bleach ( this will shorten the lifespan and make the fabric weaken )

Adding a bit of Dettol to your CD load also might help.

What is my routine?
I wash with detergent that is softener free, brightener free , enzyme free. ( I cant say the brand again , can I? It will be a free advertising some might say) plus a cap full or half cap full of Dettol.
Occasionally : adding baking soda( I put this before I put detergent then I on the WM ) and I add detergent and I put vinegar in the softener compartment , specially if I found some fitted that becomes stiff after wash and used . ( vinegar is a natural fabric softener)
If I found a few particular CD that produce more smell than the other , I add diluted bleach.

This is a suggestion, and if you are not sure, ask the seller or read the washing instruction. Most brand will NOT put bleach into their washing routine. Because they are worry if you use it to SOAK the diaper or RUB in directly into the stain. That will harm the diaper.
So most brand will stay away from bleach and they will opt for saver option: baking soda and vinegar.

If you are skeptical about baking soda and vinegar, and might read some where that if we don't rinse carefully the bacteria will grow inside the diaper and cause rash. In my humble opinion, again based on my own experience and reading Cloth diaper's books , and searching over the internet: Any residue that is not rinse carefully in the diaper can cause problem. Even detergent.
So rinsing is a PART of WASHING and it shall be done properly. This is why I always over stress it to my customers who wash their CD by hand, please rinse it properly and if possible do double rinse.

So how about the baby that develop rashes when baking soda and vinegar are added?
If you use baking soda make sure you add vinegar on the rinse cycles, this is to neutralize the PH balance .

What is the purpose of baking soda in the laundering diaper?

Whiten and neutralized acidity levels in the diapers
Baking soda is a natural odor and stain fighter. It will help you to your diapers white and fresh smelling

What is the purpose of Distilled Vinegar ?
It will help to keep the colors, help to restore the pH balance in the diaper, neutralize any acid,
prevent detergent build up, helps to prevent staining, cut down on lint, and work as a fabric softener without interfering with absorption or build up.

NOTES: if you found your diaper cover smell like vinegar or your diaper start to smell like vinegar once your baby pee on it , cut down the vinegar for a while.

When I suggest something or anything in my blog or emails, I do not just simply suggest it without reading or trying it my self. I might not suggest the best way of laundering for everyone, but I try to share the MOST COMMON CD laundering tips use by many cloth diapered moms all over the world.

How about TEA TREE OIL?
I do read about it, a couple of drops ( let's say 2 drops) into full load of diapers to be wash is ok. But again it is better to check with manufacturer.

And of course the thing we all LOVE the most : SUN!
There is nothing like a freshly clean laundry , dried under the sun!

Sun light been known for ages to help disinfect our laundry. is just temporary? It will only disinfect AT THE MOMENT? and then since we live in a surrounding full of bacteria , the bacteria will come back ??
Well , unless we live in a crystal ball that has been disinfect 24/7 , all year long, then unfortunately, there area bacteria everywhere.( even in our saliva and our intestine)
But bacteria needs to live on something to help it grows. Like: a not properly cleaned diapers. (contain trace of urine or feces)
If the diapers has been washed and let's say disinfect ( with dettol or bleach or just detergent or just the SUN) it has nothing to live on inside the diapers.

If the SUN or detergent just disinfect for temporary and then the bacteria keep coming back to our diaper and clothes, uhm then what is the purpose of washing it ?
Think about our undergarment . If after we wash and we dry under sun and then the bacteria supposedly will come back , then we will wear undergarment with bacteria!

So laundering diapers, is not as complicated as you think. As long you follow the guidelines, avoid what you need to avoid, choose the correct detergent ( I am not against any of brand of detergent as long as it is save on diapers) and excepting new ideas and HAVE FUN to try it... you will find your cloth diapering experience like no other!

Well...I think this also apply to our attitude towards life isn't it?

Follow your own good guidelines
Avoid all the bad things/habit in life
Choose the correct positive attitudes
excepting a good positive new ideas
and HAVE FUN in life....

Christmas is just around the corner....for all Christians friends have a Blessed ,Peaceful and Merry Christmas!
And for non Christian , enjoy this holiday , and enjoy the Christmas sale too! What SALE?
wink wink......

And of course to everyone : May we all have a great NEW YEAR a head!

Warm Greetings from our family to yours


Monday, December 3, 2007


For you who are interested to try wool covers or already are a wool user or just want to know how or what is lanolized is, you can see how do I do . This is not the only "correct" way to do it.This is just my way to do, and I follow the instruction from sheepish grins , the maker of one of the best seller of lanolin products in USA.

Wool covers is something new in cloth diapering world in Malaysia. Before this, me and 2 other moms that I know have try to use wool for months , as you know they are Sharine and Christine. We often chat, and share and give each other tips about wool cover and soakers. Finally less than a month ago I bring in some wool covers to my e-store.

Some other moms might think that wool needs more care than other diaper. And when they heard about lanolizing, they said WHAT? uhmmm no thanks, too complicated.

So I just want to share how do I do it. Again this is just "my way" if you got other way or if you read at some other blogs or website or articles they way they do is slightly different , just follow which one you think suits you better.

To read more about lanolizing and wool cover, you can refer to my previous blog about wool cover.

To make it simple, lanolin comes in 3 different way: Solid, liquid and spray.

The solid one is the most affordable and it can be use for nipple cream, to moisturized chapped or dry skin . If you want to use for other cream rather than only to lanolized your wool, you will need to buy the solid lanolin unscented. Or if you have a left over 100% lanolin base nipple cream that can be use as well.

Here is what you need :
1. Solid lanolin and wool wash or gentle baby shampoo
2. a cup of boiling water ( i boiled it in the microwave )
3. warm tap water
4. small bucket or sink
5. baby wash liquid
6. Clean towel

Since you will need to lanolized less often that you wash your wool cover, it will be nice if you wash your wool cover before you lanolized it.
so here is the steps
1.First wash your wool in luke warm water using Sheepish Grins Wool Soap or Sheepish Grins Foaming Wool Soap. This soap is gentle for your wool but still has all the cleaning power that you need. ( woolite is not recommended to wash your wool cover).See below on how to wash your wool cover.
2.Drain the water
3.Then prepare 1 teaspoon of Sheepish Grins Solid Lanolin mixed with boiling water and a teaspoon of baby wash.

Mix to smooth out any clumps, then add to warm/tepid water.
if you add cool tap water, it might form clumps and this happened to me before.
Make sure the water is not to hot before you put in your wool cover.
4. Add your wool soaker to water and swirl it around. Allow it to soak in the water for a minimum of 15 minutes and as long as 24 hours.

5.Then take a towel, and put the cover in between the towel layers and squeeze out any water excess, and hang dry.

This is imse vimse bumpy wool cover.

Note: if you use knitted or crocheted wools soaker, it must be line dry.
some of wool cover ( like swaddlebees and imse vimse bumpy cover) it can be machine washed in cool. Please read the washing instruction carefully)

If you use liquid lanolin just follow the same steps like the solid lanolin but you don't need to add liquid baby wash.

With creamy spray lanolin:
This is the easiest way to lanolize your wool. After you wash your wool you just spray your soaker inside and out with Sheepish Grins Lanolin Spray. Massage gently into the fibers and allow to dry as usual. No clumps of lanolin anywhere and you can control how much or how little you add to your soaker.

How to wash:
You can wash your wool cover every week or two , or when it is soiled. You can use gentle baby shampoo , but if you use lanolin rich soap it will help to lanolized with each wash you you will need to lanolized left often. I will show you how to use the wool bar soap and the foaming wool foam wash.
With the foam wash , it is easy. Just wet your cover and spray the foamy wool wash in to the wool and rub it gently inside and outside.
With the wool bar soap ( I use the small sample size of wool wash bar) , you need to rub the soap bar to make it lather then you just rub in into the wool cover

or you can also rub the bar directly and gently to to wet wool cover.

Then just rinse with warm water, dry with towel and line/flat dry .

That's about it! And during my recent travel, I found bringing 2 wool covers with me really did help. Since I didn't need to wash it . (lazy mom)

Whatever your choice is : remember , wool or not wool , it is up to you. I just want to show another great way of Cloth diapering. It is all about options , not about trends to follow.

Another bonus from me: want to see My Maya in action of some wool's shorties and soaker?

Friday, November 16, 2007

Fun Time....with prizes

Hi Moms

We are almost at the end of year 2007 and I've been running Mia Bambina for just almost over a year.
To show my thanks to you all for support and be there for me, I would like to share something back to you.
Please read details here

Here are the photos of my DH in our backyard with our DD and her CDs stash!(mind his tattoos...)

Then these are the pictures of my cloth diaper's stash in the clothes line:

I am sure you will have more creative pictures than me... so send it to me! :D

Monday, November 12, 2007

Coming next month: Endura Pads!

Homemade Mama's newest product!
Pads with endurance to go the distance!

HomemadeMama’s EnduraPad is a brand new innovation in Cloth Menstrual Pads. For those who desire a pad that will go the distance! Whether you’re into sports, running after your children, or in need of a great pad for incontinence, the EnduraPad is for you!

The EnduraPad has been created with athletic performance fabrics! The top layer is constructed of athletic performance fabric which will wick moisture away from your body
and keep you feeling cool.

Just see for yourself the wonderful list of features and characteristics of this amazing fabric:

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Biodegradable
  • Clean and hygienic
  • Durable and washable
  • Odor resistant
  • Non-toxic
  • Pilling resistant
  • Anti-static
  • Breathable
  • Fast drying
  • Moisture management & wicking
  • Soft
  • Environmentally friendly

Our unique backing layer is created with another new athletic performance fabric which is waterproof, yet breathable. The unique waffle weave of the backing fabric allows for a non-slip ‘grip’ for the back of your pad.

The perfect combination for women on the go!
Endura pads and other organic homemade mama's pad will be in store estimated on December 2007!
Another additional is the original ULTIMATE PADS

Homemade Mama's Ultimate Pad

This pad is like no other pad you will find! Created exclusively by Homemade Mama, for those who need the ultimate night time protection!
The length of this pad is over 16 inches! The widest parts of this pad are almost 8 inches!
The front and back ends provide for ultimate coverage, with the back being especially wide. Extra attention was given to the special wings.

These will be the last heavy pad you will ever need to try!
No more leaks to worry about overnight or after the birth of a babe!
Just soft comfort, for your body and your peace of mind.
ULTIMATE PADS will be available in dyed bamboo velour fabric

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

TLC for your washing machine

Just because the name is "washing" machine, it doesn't meant it can "wash" it self automatically.
We often forget, washing machine , just like any other home appliances need a good care to pro-long its life , also to avoid any damage and to be able to perform at its best.

Your washing machine needs a good clean time from time to time. Let's say once every 3 months.

The detergent build up , harden and clumped softener and bleach can lead to odor problem, or even stain your laundry.

The basic guide, that I do with my WM:
1. If you have top loader WM ( washing machine) , usually there is a small net/bag to catch any residue of fabric or dirt. You must clean this often, just by washing it under tap water.
2. Wash regularly the detergent "drawer" and wipe it with paper towel.
3. The softener and bleach container inside the WM , can't be remove. So what I do is , pour hot water into it ( while the WM is empty). This will dissolve any clump of harden softener / bleach.So the water will ended up inside the tub, then:
When I do #3 step, usually I will wash my rag, kitchen towel, carpet ( the one to dry /clean our feet in front of the door, not a "real" carpet)
4. Wipe the tub top part with rag/paper towel.
5. This step I do once every 2 months or so:
Still doing the step 1-4 above, but I will also do:
I will pour hot water ( my WM doesn't have hot water option) in to the tub.
Normally I put about one big pot of hot water. Then I run the WM in the lowest amount of cold water.
If your WM (top loader or front loader) has a hot water option , just run it with the highest temperature.
6.When the tub is almost full, add 2-3 cups of distiled vinegar and 1/2 cup of baking soda.
Additional : I also put baking soda in the place of detergent powder and pour vinegar in the bleach and softener container, after I pour hot water into it. Just to help it flush out any residue.
7. Run of WM in a full cycle ( until it drains)
8. I will do an extra cycle in economy or fast cycle or if you can just run in one cold cycle.

If you wash cloth diapers with your WM and you are using softener with your other laundry, it is important to clean the softener' container or cup regularly . To avoid any unwanted softener run over your diaper's stash. Or you can also add water into your softener when you pour it into the container/cup to make it thinner/diluted . Or better yet, you can consider to use distilled vinegar instead of fabric softener.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

How GREEN can you go?

The November Reader's Digest cover has caught my attention with the title of BEING GREEN, and articles likes: Solving Asia's Garbage Problem, and What YOU can do!

The feature stories is included: It's time to clean up by William Ecenbarger. This is some of the highlights:

An out-of-control garbage crisis threatens the physical and economic health of much of Asia

As we become wealthier and consume more, we are producing unprecedented quantities of rubbish. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) estimates that our largest cities produce on average 760,000 tons of solid waste per day. It predicts that there will be a two-fold increase – to 1.8 million tons – by 2025.

This is of course make me scare. The garbage issue in Asia is getting so serious. How many of us think that we can really help by doing some simple step into our daily life?
People take our life style by granted. We think it is a modern time so what we do is just normal or acceptable for our time because what we need now is something that is convenient , and easy to use to suit our busy and demanding life. So in the marketing world the wording like: disposable, use and toss, no fuss is highly sell able now a days.

I remember clearly that , my mom re-use all the margarine's containers and pack my and my sibling snacks in it. I didn't have any Barbie, or Dora lunch box that time. Of course the main reason my mom did this because she wanted to save money.

My mom also had a rattan/wooden basket that she brought everyday to the market , and put all the vegetables, fish, and meat in it. She doesn't want to deal with the dirty plastic bags . And I think this is a great way to reduce the waste of plastic bags.

My late grandma used to kept the water that she used to wash rice grains in a bucket and used it to watered her plants. She said that the water from washing the rice grains has vitamins in it and it is beneficial for the plants. I am glad she saw it that way. At least she is re-using a half bucket of water a day.

But since our quality if life in term of financial is getting better that our parent's time, we also afford many thing and consume much more than our parent's generation.

Much of the added burden is packaging from consumer products and the products themselves – all of which need years, even centuries, to decompose. Lindfield cites estimates that four of every five products we buy are discarded after a single use.It all makes the handling of solid wastes much more complicated and expensive

No-one can avoid the consequences of the uncontrolled garbage glut. ''When an environment is being polluted, everyone, regardless of his or her economic status or functions, suffers,'' says Dr Wahid Murad, a solid waste management specialist at Multimedia...

The ADB says the growing garbage crisis must be counterered by the 3 R's:

-Reducing the amount of waste,

-Reusing items that are now being discarded

-Recycling materials.

This is the thing that we should try to do. By reducing garbage everyday , reusing plastic bags, re-cycling news paper , magazines, brochures, old bills if you have baby , use cloth diapers.
I also keep all the cartoon boxes from the toilet paper , cartoon boxes of juices/milk, used envelopes , then once a month I sell it to the local recycling paper company. I do have problem with plastic bottles and container. I couldn't find any recycling company that willing to take/buy plastic botlles/container in Kota Kinabalu. If you happen to know one , please let me know.

Another great thing ,I heard from a friend that from the metal bottle taps of any bottles drinks, from beer bottles specially, can be remake into a wheelchair . This is a great news, imagine that something that you throw away can be so useful for other people.
I appologize that I can't recall the association's name now, I just want to make sure I mention the correct name .

And it is not too late to start doing the right thing.Everyone can do their part."It is not difficult to put recyclable items into plastic bags or put them into recycling bins near our homes" says Yaacob Ibrahim, Singapore's Minister for the Environment and Water Resources. " What would appreat as a small inconvenience initially is nothing compared to the benefits that will accrue to pur enviroment and livelihood in the long run."

How lucky am I to be a cloth diaper's mom. I know I am doing the right thing to our environment and I enjoy every second of it! You also can do something, find something simple do, and start to reduce our waste!

During my recent trip to China, I saw there are many young ladies using a canvas tote , I think it is the new trend over there, with the green writing of : I AM NOT A PLASTIC BAG RE-USE ME! or " PROUD TO BE A RE-USABLE BAG". I think the bags are so cute and sending a great message to people.

There are so many other things we can do to be gentler to our Planet. Our children deserve to live in a better place.

Heal The World
Make It A Better Place
For You And For Me
And The Entire Human Race
There Are People Dying
If You Care Enough
For The Living
Make A Better Place
For You And For Me

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