Wednesday, November 7, 2007

TLC for your washing machine

Just because the name is "washing" machine, it doesn't meant it can "wash" it self automatically.
We often forget, washing machine , just like any other home appliances need a good care to pro-long its life , also to avoid any damage and to be able to perform at its best.

Your washing machine needs a good clean time from time to time. Let's say once every 3 months.

The detergent build up , harden and clumped softener and bleach can lead to odor problem, or even stain your laundry.

The basic guide, that I do with my WM:
1. If you have top loader WM ( washing machine) , usually there is a small net/bag to catch any residue of fabric or dirt. You must clean this often, just by washing it under tap water.
2. Wash regularly the detergent "drawer" and wipe it with paper towel.
3. The softener and bleach container inside the WM , can't be remove. So what I do is , pour hot water into it ( while the WM is empty). This will dissolve any clump of harden softener / bleach.So the water will ended up inside the tub, then:
When I do #3 step, usually I will wash my rag, kitchen towel, carpet ( the one to dry /clean our feet in front of the door, not a "real" carpet)
4. Wipe the tub top part with rag/paper towel.
5. This step I do once every 2 months or so:
Still doing the step 1-4 above, but I will also do:
I will pour hot water ( my WM doesn't have hot water option) in to the tub.
Normally I put about one big pot of hot water. Then I run the WM in the lowest amount of cold water.
If your WM (top loader or front loader) has a hot water option , just run it with the highest temperature.
6.When the tub is almost full, add 2-3 cups of distiled vinegar and 1/2 cup of baking soda.
Additional : I also put baking soda in the place of detergent powder and pour vinegar in the bleach and softener container, after I pour hot water into it. Just to help it flush out any residue.
7. Run of WM in a full cycle ( until it drains)
8. I will do an extra cycle in economy or fast cycle or if you can just run in one cold cycle.

If you wash cloth diapers with your WM and you are using softener with your other laundry, it is important to clean the softener' container or cup regularly . To avoid any unwanted softener run over your diaper's stash. Or you can also add water into your softener when you pour it into the container/cup to make it thinner/diluted . Or better yet, you can consider to use distilled vinegar instead of fabric softener.


Anonymous said...

This is why I love u !
U cover ALL the aspects related to cloth diapering even the tiny bit.
Thumb up!


Peridot&Sapphire said...

Great tips! I've been wondering about the WM in my house, which belongs to MIL. I suspect the CD laundry is not as good as expected and the next thing I suspec after I did all the washing myself is the WM. I'm going to inspect on it today... thanks for your post!

Anonymous said...

Again you DID it!
This is why I ( and many other moms I am pretty sure) LOVE you!
I love your: ideas, tips, and the most important your "originality".

It is easy to create a BLOG for an e-store, the kind of promo, stories, products info and photos.

But it's not easy to "go into customer's minds " and post and share" what we need to know more!

Looking forward for your next post and tips!

Maria C.L.W
PS: wish I could join your mini CD workshop! sigh...again you are the first e-store in Malaysia that have a CD workshop. Congrats!

Jess said...

That is just so important and although we'd like to think that it's 'common sense'.. it's not. Not everyone reads the instruction manual or in some cases... they did not own the WM. I was staying over for a week at my auntie's house one day and since a week was quite long for dirty laundry to go by... my auntie told me that the WM is out of order... when I went to check it out, it was indeed due to an overflow lint container... it turned out she had never once cleaned/remove the lint from it ever since she got it 2 years ago!
It's really great of you to point this out.