Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Precious Baby velour fitted

Here are the great diaper, good for heavy wetter at night time and it is so soft. What's more? Now come in NEW color combo, still come with cute flannel/velour for soaker. Now come in size small to X-large at the great same price of RM 65 each( including soaker)

I hope you enjoy the new colors as much as I enjoyed picking it for you. :)

Note for those who are new in to a great thing,named cloth diapers. This diaper will need a diaper cover to be waterproof. Mia bambina carry many great diaper covers too. Don't forget to add that in your order if you need it.

My Precious Baby velour fitted diapers

This is a good fitted diaper for heavy wetter or for night time too!

Velour is 80% cotton, 20% polyester. It is super soft but looks new even after many washes. The color won`t fade easily and the shape wont sag too.

The velour diapers have two full layers of this super soft velour in the body, and three layers of thirsty hemp fleece in the sewn in soaker.

There is elastic in the legs, and the back for a gentle touch on baby, also helps keep messes where they belong.

The velour diapers come with an extra soaker for the heavy wetter, made from 2 inner layers of hemp fleece, one layer of Cotton velour matching with the color of outer diaper, and one layer of cute printed flannel.

Mia Bambina carry My Precious Baby Velour fitted with SIDE SNAPPING closure , for better fitting , easier snapping. Side snapping also provide a cleaner and neater look under clothing.

My Precious Baby diaper at Mia Bambina Colors combo are unique :
Outer Velour color will match the extra soaker velour.
Inner Velour color will match the snaps color and
The color of the extra soaker will have another cute print of Flannel. Sizing:
Smal- 15 inches rise- 8-15 lbs ( 3.5 to 7kg)
Medium ~ 17 inch rise ~ 15-20lbs ( 6.8 kg to 9 kg)
Large ~ 19 inch rise ~ 20-30+lbs ( 9 kg to 14 kg)
XLarge ~ 21 inch rise ~ 27-35+lbs ( 13 kg to 16kg + )

Some of the colors

black and red with work zone flannel soaker

Blueberry and chocolate with touch down flannel soaker
Raspberry and turquoise with flower power flannel soaker
Pink with black with daisy pansy flannel soaker
Purple and celery with cute animals flannel soaker

Pink and lime with puppy love flannel soaker

Look for it in Mia Bambina E-store REAL SOON