Friday, December 14, 2007

Scarlet Secret reveal by end of this month!

As seen in the Cloth diapers news , Mia Bambina will carry Scarlet Secret SOON!

Picture of Scarlet Secret's starter kit (retail at USD 18 in USA)

What is Scarlet Secret?
Scarlett Seret will keep you menstrual pads looking like the day you bought them. Our formula fights stains, gets rid of bacteria, softens the fabric all the while being friendly to our environment. Easy to use! Just add one tub of SS into 16 oz of warm water, shake and you are ready! Apply a liberal squirt to potential stained areas or soak in a shallow pan or zip close bag. SS can also be used on cloth diapers to pre-treat those stains before they set in.

Scarlett Secret is a mixture of Rosemary Extract (natural preserver), Fruit Extract (natural brightener), Soybean extract (natural fabric softener), Tea tree oil (Natural antibacterial), and Sodium Percarbonate (cleaning agent that is environmentally compatible).
Comes in two natural scents Lavender Essential Oil or Orange Essential Oil.

The story behind Scarlet Secret:

Hello, my name is Scarlett Johnston. I have been practicing attached parenting for 10 years now, I have 3 children all who were born in our home, in a loving peaceful way. I am truly blessed. Before my second child was born, I remembered what a mess it was to get all of the things clean that had gotten stained through birthing. I was determined to not have my sheets and pads ruined this time. I did lots of research and came up with a solution that would keep linens from staining, keep bacterial from growing and it smelled wonderful too!
I was so excited about what I made, that after my daughter was born I brought some of the solution to a natural parenting group I was in. I was interested to find that I wasn't the only one would had problems with my pads and linens staining. I gave some of the solution to my friends and they loved it!! I started slowly selling it in meetings and now have started my own business, hoping I can make another Mother's life a little easier!
That is how my little company was born, at home like the rest of them. :wink:

Picture of Scarlett Secret's refill pack ( retail at USD 12 in USA)

Estimated Retail price in Malaysia RM 47.50 ( the refill only. Starter kit will not be available at the moment) , you will be able to make about 16 oz of solutions ( that is about 475 cc ).

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mamma pads comparison

This is the comparison of the mamapads ( left to right)
Ultimate original in purple
Ultimate II in blue jeans
Ultimate heavy flow in orange sherbet
Ultimate regular flow in purple
Comfort contour medium in orange sherbet
Here is the same pads as above but I put all until the tiny liners so you can see the different:
Again from left to right
Ultimate original ( longest)
Ultimate heavy flow
Ultimate regular flow
Comfort contour medium
Raw tussah silk liner
Hemp silk liner
Tiny liners

I will have this endura pads in wings (heavy, regular and light flows )and also endura in ultimate II, heavy flow, regular flow and tiny pads.

For mamapads I do not take pre order. First come first serve , sorry :) And I will announce it in my blog and estore front page.

And I can't guarantee when I will have the next batch arrive ( hopefully before end of the year)
As for Mama pads this time, I will have some "new" surprise material..
As I don't know about the prints or color yet , So I can't post it here.

The next big round of restocking will be expected in Feb 2008.