Saturday, June 14, 2008

Special collection Wahmies wipe set SOLD OUT

We got these wipes set ,3 wipes per set. The Prints are exclusive and once the set is sold ,there will no tbe available anymore.( only 1 set per collection)

Rm 15.50 /set.

First come first serve base only. ( unpaid order for more than a week can be released to other interested buyer).

E-mail me for order at,these wipes are not available in the e-store yet. Exclusively for blog reader first.

If you order other stuffs from the e -store , you can put in the comment box to order these wipes.
A revised invoice will be send to you.

So here are the collections :

Collection 1 (SOLD)

Collection 3 ( SOLD)

Collection 4(SOLD)

Collection 5(SOLD)

Collection 6(SOLD)

Collection 7 (SOLD)

Collection 8(SOLD)

Each set come with 3 wahmies wipes prints as shown in the pictures. Prints can't be exchange or mix with any other prints from the other collections or store inventory.

Wahmies Onesize How to Video

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Breastfeeding Buddy

Do you have a blanket puller? Is it hard for you to feed in public? Try the breastfeedng buddy.

Here's how it works:

Clip to one side of blanket, around your neck, then to the other side of the blanket. If you want a little more room to see the baby feeding or latching on, put the clip a little further away from your body.

Why this is great:

No need for expensive covers. You have so many beautiful blankets, why not use them? Use your own blankets with this cover.

Small enough to slip inside a purse or diaper bag

Hands free feeding! I was constantly struggling with my blanket, especially when my son was a little older and liked to wiggle around.

Great for other uses too! Clip blanket around your toddlers neck while out in the stroller, or clip to a towel for an easy bib on the go.

If you are modest like me, then you need this cover. For the price, you can't go wrong.


Length between clips: 15"

Total length: 17 "

Width: 1"

Styles :

Blue Retro

Daisy Dream

Dotted Daisy

Fresh Flowers

Kiwi Paisley



Price: $31.50

Cupcakes and Soapicles are in

Yes, finally they are here....No I don't sell cupcakes too... if you are in KK and want to try the cute cupcakes from my other blog, you should go here instead.

This hot proceed soaps are great and so moisturizing and yet so cute and lovely. It's a work of art.

Available in
Cupcakes and soapsicles .

and please tell your children that THIS IS NOT EDIBLE!

Cupcakes soaps ( available in Strawberry and Vanilla or Blueberry and Cream)
The top portion of this soap is colored naturally with alkanet root powder and with a cosmetic grade colorant for a little boost. The top was then scented with strawberry blueberry and topped off with real sugar sprinkles. The bottom (cake) portion of this soap was left uncolored. The "cake" was then scented with a vanilla cream fragrance oil. With colorant and fragrance this bar can be considered 98% natural and totally vegan friendly!

These soap cupcakes are made the hot process method, which is much like the cold process method with a little more work involved. I t's not a melt and pour bases! These soaps aren't just cute, they're very moisturing handcrafted soap just like my soap bars!

Keep your handcrafted soap dry between uses for a very long lasting bar of soap. Handcrafted soaps will turn to mush if left in bath water. The sprinkles on this soap will melt with the first or second use.

****Color intensity and sprinkles may vary from batch to batch. Please do not leave these in their mailing packages for a long length of time in hot weather as the sprinkles could melt. I pack these in cute cello bags with paper shreds, a raffia ribbon and ingredient tag.

Listing is for ONE 4 to 4.5oz cupcakes. They are the size of a real cupcake. Handpiped and NOT from a mold.
RM 19.90/pcs

**Please let your children know that this is NOT edible!

Available in Cherry Vanilla and Chocolate Vanilla Swirl

These soapsicles are real, handcrafted hot process soaps - NOT melt and poured from a pre-bought base.

This soapsicle was scented with both chocolate and vanilla cream cosmetic grade fragrance oil and colored with a natural brown oxide. This soap is considered to be 98% Natural (2% fragrance).

Ingredients listed below. An ingredient label will be enclosed in packaging as well. each bar is 3.0 - 3.5oz. (not including the stick)

Real handcrafted soap is very nourishing to the skin. Containts plenty of shea butter to ensure extra moisture. If you've used handcrafted soap before you know what I'm talking about, and If you haven't - you MUST try it! Handcrafted soaps retain their natural glycerin, which is something that manufacturers remove and sell. Store brand soaps are drying because they are made to be that. With the glycerin removed, and chemicals added, its no wonder we're so dry and itchy after a shower. Try handcrafted, we think you'll notice the difference!

Keep your soaps dry between use for a very long lasting bar. Soap left submerged in water for lengths of time will turn to gel.

This soap is vegan friendly :)