Saturday, June 14, 2008

Special collection Wahmies wipe set SOLD OUT

We got these wipes set ,3 wipes per set. The Prints are exclusive and once the set is sold ,there will no tbe available anymore.( only 1 set per collection)

Rm 15.50 /set.

First come first serve base only. ( unpaid order for more than a week can be released to other interested buyer).

E-mail me for order at,these wipes are not available in the e-store yet. Exclusively for blog reader first.

If you order other stuffs from the e -store , you can put in the comment box to order these wipes.
A revised invoice will be send to you.

So here are the collections :

Collection 1 (SOLD)

Collection 3 ( SOLD)

Collection 4(SOLD)

Collection 5(SOLD)

Collection 6(SOLD)

Collection 7 (SOLD)

Collection 8(SOLD)

Each set come with 3 wahmies wipes prints as shown in the pictures. Prints can't be exchange or mix with any other prints from the other collections or store inventory.

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Crystal Ivy said...

tampar bolak balik 100000 times for your wipes yang cute miuutttt!!! gerammmmmmmmm bluekkkk hahahahaa