Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Huggalugs in stock!

We area glad to have Huggalugs in stock this December.

Hug your little ones in colour with Huggalugs range of Leg and Arm Huggers.

Designed to keep little legs and arms warm at all times:

    • under pants or under skirts
    • no pants or no skirts
    • just a nappy or no nappy
    • under tops, over tops or no tops at all

Huggalugs super funky Huggers will keep little legs and arms covered, protecting them from the elements and hard surfaces.

Our Leg and Arm Huggers are also the perfect accessories for helping little ones learn to dress themselves. Children are able to pull Huggers on all by themself, even over shoes, one at a time without the hassle of pulling up bottoms or pulling a shirt over their heads. And when you use Huggalugs Leg and Arm Huggers to help your little one learn to dress themself, they can stay warm and clothed at all times, as our Huggers fit over clothing.

You can also use Huggalugs Leg and Arm Huggers as a light weight accessory to help prevent kid’s arms and legs from becoming dinner for those darn mozzies. For extra protection give them a light spray of repellent after putting them on. This is especially good for sensitive skin.

And even better…


The same product is used on both the arms and the legs.

One size fits most from birth to six years up to the thigh. Leg & Arm Huggers can also be worn by older children, teens and adults as traditional calf height leg warmers, arm warmers and open toed socks.

Please have a look in stock items HERE
Maya in Goodtimes Huggalugs as leg hugger

Maya in Candy Soft Pink Huggalugs as leg hugger

Indy with Goodtimes Huggalugs as arm hugger

Maya with Goodtimes Huggalugs as leg hugger. This photo was taken in Guangzhou , China . Fall 2007.
Indy with Aqua Huggalugs as arm hugger. This was also in Guangzhou China. Fall 2007