Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sling a Ling

I love to wear my baby in a sling, I got from the famous and expensive baby bjorn for my 1st DD,and frame back pack carrier , for my second dd I choose ring sling, and pouch sling. My favorite is pouch style, because I found it to be more trendy and fashionable and more practical! Just put and go. The ring sling also great as it is adjustable, but I dont't like the fuss to thread and adjust the tail. (as I always say it's a matter of preference)
Most mistakes people made when purchasing a pouch sling is choosing for bigger size. The pouch sling suppose to be snuggly fit, but not too loose. For first timer it might not be easy to put , specially if you a new mom with a newborn baby. You see on the picture in the internet, why they put their baby so easily but I found it so difficult to prop in my baby and my baby seems like she been squeeze inside the pouch? is this right? is my baby comfortable in it? isn't to hot? ...
Well what you need is just relax and try again, and in no time you and your baby will enjoy it...
Please visit a site of a friend of mine .(Joanne you should put comment here , since you are the expert! :))

Here I want to share pictures of me and baby Maya in sling pouch, my personal favorite RED color. And my size is Medium. I carry Maya in hip position.

Keep an eye on my blog, I will share my vacation to Bali in May in this blog too! And I will share my travel journey with 2 kids a husband and my father .
On this trip I will have a "special" sling from Joanne new up coming products! (see that's the beauty of having a store that selling baby stuff when you have your own baby to test it LOL)
A sling with special fabric and no one has sell it yet in ASIA. Thanks to littlepods, we don't need to buy form overseas anymore for this"special" fabric. And of course Mia bambina will carry it!
Curious? you just need to wait......LOL(even you pm or email me I wont tell you until the official launch by littlepods!) haha.....till then mommas!

This picture below was taken when Maya is 5 months old still in cradle position and she was a sleep and I took a picture of my self ! LOL

Thursday, April 19, 2007

How to put on cloth diaper(DRYBEES and BumGenius onesize)

Here I try to show how to put on Drybees pocket diaper:

Here , I stuffed the pokcet diaper with the insert. Here I use microfiber insert. Make sure the insert is all inside the pocket and doesn't twisted .

Then open up the diaper,put your baby on the top of it , like you would normally do with disposable . Picture was CENSORED LOL

Here, my maid (I need her help, since I'm taking picture ) She pulled the wing with her left hand. And then other hand pull open the velcro/aplix tab. This to make sure the wing doesn't drop.

There you go....close the aplix/velcro on oneside.

Repeat with the other side. Pulling the wing behind, so it won't drop. (the same way like you put disposable)

Ok here is the blur photo, my dd. She is one very wiggling baby. That's why is hard to put diapers with snaps.Ok make sure ,the back of the diaper fit nicely, and the insert on the back does not come out. And she is ready to go.( my maid try to stop her, so I can take nice pics)....... the Drybees Maya wear here is size SMALL. And Maya is 8 months old and weight about 8 kg.


Stuffed the insert like usual.

Here is bumgenius onesize in largest setting. See the snaps? There are three collums and 3 rows of snaps only.So for smallest setting, bring the top snap to the bottom snaps. For medium setting bring the top snaps to the middle snaps

Here I use it on medium setting.

Then you just close the aplix/velcro like usual. For small baby the front aplix tab can be crossed over .


Here I use unbleached prefold diaper. If you wonder what's the different between prefold and lampin, first is the material, the prefold that I carry is unbleached which mean that the fiber is thicker than the bleached type and it's already sewn in layers of fabric. The normal "lampin" material is made from bleached cotton gauzed.
There are 8 layers in the middle of prefold. And 4 layers on right and left side. You can fold this in many ways, but here is my favorite and easiest way, which is great to catch newborn runny poo. :D .If you like you can use nappy liner to give your baby dry feeling.(FYI I carry the "flushable " diaper liners. Mean that you can flush it together with solid waste)

Fold the prefold in lenghtwise , tri folded. And put on the top of Bummis cover. Why I like Bummis cover? The material is so great. And can last you a long run of using it, plus if it's got wet you can just wipe it or air dry abit, and you can use it again. As long as it doesn't got any solid waste on it. So you can use one bummis for 3 x prefolds

Open the back side to the left and right to from kind of fan shape. Then just put your baby on top. You can use pin or snappi to put the prefold in the shape. Or just close the Bummis tightly if you dont wish to use pin or snappi.

Close the diaper.
And she is ready to escape from the mother.... Maya wear Bummis medium and prefold in infant size.

Ok so that's all about it. I did this in the afternoon , before Maya's nap time. Oh and it is not easy to take the pictures! :D