Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sling a Ling

I love to wear my baby in a sling, I got from the famous and expensive baby bjorn for my 1st DD,and frame back pack carrier , for my second dd I choose ring sling, and pouch sling. My favorite is pouch style, because I found it to be more trendy and fashionable and more practical! Just put and go. The ring sling also great as it is adjustable, but I dont't like the fuss to thread and adjust the tail. (as I always say it's a matter of preference)
Most mistakes people made when purchasing a pouch sling is choosing for bigger size. The pouch sling suppose to be snuggly fit, but not too loose. For first timer it might not be easy to put , specially if you a new mom with a newborn baby. You see on the picture in the internet, why they put their baby so easily but I found it so difficult to prop in my baby and my baby seems like she been squeeze inside the pouch? is this right? is my baby comfortable in it? isn't to hot? ...
Well what you need is just relax and try again, and in no time you and your baby will enjoy it...
Please visit a site of a friend of mine .(Joanne you should put comment here , since you are the expert! :))

Here I want to share pictures of me and baby Maya in sling pouch, my personal favorite RED color. And my size is Medium. I carry Maya in hip position.

Keep an eye on my blog, I will share my vacation to Bali in May in this blog too! And I will share my travel journey with 2 kids a husband and my father .
On this trip I will have a "special" sling from Joanne new up coming products! (see that's the beauty of having a store that selling baby stuff when you have your own baby to test it LOL)
A sling with special fabric and no one has sell it yet in ASIA. Thanks to littlepods, we don't need to buy form overseas anymore for this"special" fabric. And of course Mia bambina will carry it!
Curious? you just need to wait......LOL(even you pm or email me I wont tell you until the official launch by littlepods!) haha.....till then mommas!

This picture below was taken when Maya is 5 months old still in cradle position and she was a sleep and I took a picture of my self ! LOL


Wawa said...

i've started the hip style too.

am thinking to buy new sling but since you've said there'll be the new sling, i think i'll put it on hold.

uh, i need more diapers stock before u left for bali. lemme know when u r going ok?

zara's mama said...

Oh boy oh boy.. you are tempting me to buy another item from you site!

I have a Baby Bjorn too.. btw, max weight for a baby to be in a pouch sling is how much?

Peridot&Sapphire said...

errr.... what's the difference from using a sarong? I saw lots of Malay's mummy just use normal saarong and the result to me is the same??

Peridot&Sapphire said...

hmm... what's the different from using a sarong? I saw lots of malay's mama using normal sarong and to me it looks the same??

Sandra@miabambina said...

The basic concept of baby wearing is to hold your baby near to you, to give them a secure feeling, and helps mom to "move". So the purpose will be the same either with sarong or modern sling. Baby wearing is a " traditional" concept or native way to hold baby in many countries. The thing that make it varies is the way they wrap the baby, and now there is more options to wear babies for parents to choose from. Sarong is the most basic way, where the sarong/ batik must be tied in a certain way to hold baby. Some moms find this difficult and no secure (afraid of the sarong will be loose), Modern sling give mom more security, easy to use and adjust and more fashionable. If you want to see many ways to wear baby , look for: maya wrap, ring sling,pouch sling. moby wrap , Elaroo-wrap etc. you will be amaze on how moms all over the world wear their baby. So The basic is still the same" to hold baby near to you :D.
If you are confident and know how to use sarong , you can always opt for that too. I just dont know how to tied it and keep worrying if I didt't tied it right, it might drop. :(

Anggie's journel said...

Thanks for sharing !! ..i plan to hv a baby sling too.

Lian said...

I tried the sarong coz' I kept seeing these Indonesian maids doing it so easily. But I just couldn't do it like them. Gave myself a big neck-shoulder ache. Obviously doing something wrong. Now I use a sling given to me by a friend's friend. Came without any instructions. Don't even know what is the brand. But I've sorta figured it out. Took me a while too. (roll eyes). Have fun in Bali.

Sandra@miabambina said...

Lian, have you got my details that I joining your lucky draw? i hope i did it right!( and hope to win to hehe).
btw thanx for visiting Angie!
ya the traditional batik sarong not easy to use! I mean I can't, and I;m so paranoid that i didn't do it right it might drops!YIKES. And since it must be tied so it doesn't distribute the weight evenly on our back, that's cause the backache.That's why the modern design is much better in distributing weight

Joanne said...

Hi! Joanne here founder of Littlepods Slings. The max weight of baby in the sling is 15 kg but that is a weight of a 3 yo and I don't think your baby wants to be in a sling at that age. My son is turning 2 and is 13 kg and I can just about carry him for 20 mins before my shoulder starts to ache. Anyway he doesn't like to be in a sling anymore. But that day I took him to watch Nemo on Ice and he fell asleep in the car so I carried him in sling (because I know stadium a lot of stairs so I can't use stroller) and he was still sleeping after that for almost 40 mins. I was sitting down so could bear his weight.

When he was less than 1 yo I could carry him for about 1 hour in the sling. I find it extremely useful when I just want to run to the shops to get something and don't want to deal with the hassle of a stroller. Or places that are not stroller friendly with a lot of steps or narrow aisles.

With traditional sarong the material is bunched up on the neck/shoulder that is why can get neck ache. With a pouch sling the material is evenly distributed down the arm and back. I think Sandra said this already.

I don't know if Sandra wants to annouce the new material yet so I will keep quiet for now. It will be out by next month.

Sandra@miabambina said...

Will wait for your official announcement , Joanne!
Do update us here if it's out!

KittyCat said...

Thanks for posting these photos and also your experience using the sling. I've been thinking of getting one too and wondering if I still need it esp since my son is turning 2. Joanne's personal reply really helped me make the decision!