Saturday, August 9, 2008

Baby Natural Care are here

All Natural Bug Away Sticks

Finally a ALL natural bug repellent that smells and feels good on your skin! Our Bug~Away comes in a convenient push~up tube making it easy to carry with you and apply with no mess. Great for the on~the~go families.

Made with a all natural moisturizing stick and all natural essential oils, containing NO DEET or other harsh chemicals. Some of the key ingredients include Catnip Oil, found to be more effective then DEET and Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus, recently recommended by the CDC as a very effective insect repellent.

Packaged in a 2 oz twist~up tube and has a great lemon~citrus natural scent.

All Natural Baby Oil

Another Northern Essence exclusive! Super soft and great to use on baby or SUPER on cradle cap. 100% Natural, 100% Pure, contains NO mineral oil. Add to a babies bath or use for a gentle massage. Comes unscented or lightly scented in your choice of natural essential oils.

*Now packaged in a 4oz Aluminium bottle.

Diaper Dust

Finally a diaper powder that you can put on a babies bottom and not feel guilty about it! Our diaper dust is Talc~free and will not cause yeast infections. Great for heavy wetters, especially for use during naps and bedtime! Also works well for providing protection from diaper rash.

*The Diaper Dust comes packaged in an attractive 3.5 oz powder puff, sifting container. They are peach in color and have a separate top compartment to keep the powder puff (included) clean between diaper changes.

We used this special container so the powder can be sifted on the puff and then on the baby, not directly on the baby causing powder residue into the air for the baby to breathe in.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Snap Ez Trainers are here!

We are glad to carry the newest addition to our Training pants collection:
Snap Ez Eco Stuffable Trainers and Snap Ez Eco AIO trainers

Here are the details:

Eco AIO Training Pants

Snap-EZ Eco AIO Training Pants feature a durable,
waterproof outer fabric ( 1 MIL polyurethane Laminate),
Custom Milled Cotton Velour inner (a "feel wet" fabric),
Polyeurathane Industrial Snaps, and soft yet durable plush Fold Over Elastic...
and best of all, these are all made by WAHMs right here in the good old USA!

The inner Cotton Velour helps your child to know when they are wet,
without feeling soaked like flannel
and it's oh-so-soft on your child's skin!

There is also a 2 layer cotton fleece sewn in soaker for greater absorbency
while remaining nice and trim!

Eco Stuffable Training Pants

Snap-EZ Eco Stuffable Training Pants feature a durable,
waterproof outer fabric ( 1 MIL polyurethane Laminate),
Custom Milled Microfleece from the makers of Malden Mills microfleece, Polartec,
Polyeurathane Industrial Snaps, and Lastin elastic...
and best of all, these are all made by WAHMs right here in the good old USA!

The inner Microfleecer helps your child to stay dry while sleeping or traveling,
and you can adjust the absorbency by adding more soakers
to keep you child dry all through the night!

Included with your Snap-EZ Eco Stuffable Training Pants,
is the new Medium Snap-EZ Eco Pocket Soaker!
This is made from three layers of super absorbent cotton fleece
- very absorbent, while remaining trim, and they wash up great and dry quickly!

Both Styles have these great features in common:

We only use plush Fold Over Elastic in Snap-EZ Training Pants
as it is so gentle on your child's legs
and it's so stretchy that is makes these so easy to put on and take off!
This allows your child to feel like he's now in big kid pants, not diapers,
and allows for independence as your child is ready for it!

The Snaps make for great for cleaning up accidents,
and make for quick and easy changes without taking clothing off!
They also make for more thorough washing and faster dry times!

Eco AIO Training Pants come in a variety of beautiful colors,
keeping your child and diaper bag in top fashion,
make potty learning fun for your child,

Be sure to measure your child to ensure getting the proper size
- and due to the unique "hip snapping" design,
please follow the directions for measuring so you get the right measurements!

Size Tummy Leg Rise

2T 16 - 21 11 - 13 16
3T* 18 - 25 12 - 15 19

Directions for measuring your child:

Tummy - Measure around the waist at the level of 1 inch below the belly button.
Thigh - Measure starting at the top of the leg at the hip - where the leg bends - then around through the crotch and back up to the top of the thigh.
Rise - Measure from 1 inch below the belly button down through the crotch and up to the 1 inch above your starting level. (I recommend measuring the rise over a stuffed diaper).

Caring for your Snap-EZ Eco Training Pants:

- Remove solids - Wash on HOT using 1/2 strength detergent
- Dry on high at least once a month
- NEVER use bleach, fabric softener, enzymes cleaners or brighteners. These products will ruin your diaper/soaker and void all warrantees.

Click here to shop. Both style are at RM 70/pcs( for Stuffable, a medium soaker is included)