Saturday, August 9, 2008

Baby Natural Care are here

All Natural Bug Away Sticks

Finally a ALL natural bug repellent that smells and feels good on your skin! Our Bug~Away comes in a convenient push~up tube making it easy to carry with you and apply with no mess. Great for the on~the~go families.

Made with a all natural moisturizing stick and all natural essential oils, containing NO DEET or other harsh chemicals. Some of the key ingredients include Catnip Oil, found to be more effective then DEET and Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus, recently recommended by the CDC as a very effective insect repellent.

Packaged in a 2 oz twist~up tube and has a great lemon~citrus natural scent.

All Natural Baby Oil

Another Northern Essence exclusive! Super soft and great to use on baby or SUPER on cradle cap. 100% Natural, 100% Pure, contains NO mineral oil. Add to a babies bath or use for a gentle massage. Comes unscented or lightly scented in your choice of natural essential oils.

*Now packaged in a 4oz Aluminium bottle.

Diaper Dust

Finally a diaper powder that you can put on a babies bottom and not feel guilty about it! Our diaper dust is Talc~free and will not cause yeast infections. Great for heavy wetters, especially for use during naps and bedtime! Also works well for providing protection from diaper rash.

*The Diaper Dust comes packaged in an attractive 3.5 oz powder puff, sifting container. They are peach in color and have a separate top compartment to keep the powder puff (included) clean between diaper changes.

We used this special container so the powder can be sifted on the puff and then on the baby, not directly on the baby causing powder residue into the air for the baby to breathe in.

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