Thursday, January 3, 2008

The winner is.....

So Lisa Adkins has helped me to choose the winner of Cloth diaper Father of the year

1st winner:

( Prize: Wahmies All Day and Regular wetbags)

The best cloth diaper papa of the world!

First time I knew about cloth diaper was in February 2006, that time my son, Irfan was only 8 months old. I was unintentional knew about cloth diaper while browsing and surfing internet for “the healthiest diaper” actually. Then I found out fitted diaper, from that moment I searched more and more about cloth diaper until I found out many brand and design of cloth diapers in this world! I still remember the first e-store I knew was from Singapore. That time I was so eager and excited reading about all the information in the website. I talked to myself… Yes! This is the one that I am looking for! Never think twice, I just order without telling my hubby. A week later when my CD’s arrived and I cannot convince him how good is cloth diaper because I didn’t buy the insert!!! I never thought that I have to buy the pocket n the insert separately! Sounds little bit silly but that happened to me last time, lucky my husband quite understood and didn’t complain me about it. But I know deep inside his feeling he was frustrated a bit, my husband is demure person so he always shows his expression by his face. That time he had no comment at all about those CD I bought. Then after few times using those CD with flat nappy as inserts, I had a bad experienced of leaking problem! Really big nightmare because those “insert” cannot last long more than 1 hour! I almost given up on CD but my hubby the one asked me to order insert. After few months I found then I ordered inserts without knowing they located in Kota Kinabalu at the first place. But after I found out where is exactly their location, my hubby drove me to the place and yayyyy finally we had the insert! And after that, I can see my hubby happy face returns! He always drove me to Sandra’s place even usually he waited for long time until felled asleep sometimes waiting me choosing CD. He started enjoying himself looking at my son’s CD full of nice prints from Drybees. The thing is, everytime if he loves the prints he will look at the CD a bit longer while changing our son’s CD! J And last time I bought the new prints CD of Drybees he said “wahh Sandra now bringing nicer prints! So cute!” yayyyyy! I know surely he loves CD now! Not only because he now can comments but practically he helped me a lot on cloth diapering my son, since we are maid less he helped me a lot by doing all those work including changing Irfan’s CD, washing and dry the diapers. Nowadays, I am so happy and proud because we can talk and discusss together about what to use or add the best additional doublers or insert for Irfan during night time diapering. I can say now he is the expert in combining inserts and doublers with fitted or pocket diapers for Irfan! Even he knows when to use the fleece liner for non dry feelings fitted and when he must add stay dry doublers for. JAnd all-in-one CD is his most favorites CD after all! Even he never feel embarrassed explain how to use CD to his sisters last time. Even last month, he also used one of my son’s regular Wahmies wetbag to keep all his toiletries when he was out for outstation! Sounds old fashion and funny but that is a true fact about my dear hubby chubby! J And I am proud to have him as my husband. I thank you to God for giving me an opportunity sharing this cloth diapering journey with my hubby and my son. We never look back and never regret for what we’d decided on this. And we won’t stop here because there are many more brands and types of cloth diaper in this world to try! I and my hubby always want to discover more about CD for our next future baby. Not only because we can save cost, but we can safe our environment too for our loved ones in future. To my dear hubby chubby, thanks for your support and understanding… I won’t make this happened without you. You are my super hero cloth diapering papa!

The second winner for Cloth Diaper Father of the year is:
( Prize: one regular Wahmies wetbag)
Farrah Rahim

Why do I think my hubby deserves to be cloth diaper's father of the year? Of course I should! He is sooooo supportive! Here's some of the reasons why! Please read on :) ...
- Our first encounter with CD was the Mommy's Touch CD where I asked the reseller what it is (I have been really curious about the colorful diapers everytime I went to her place). She explained to us about the diaper, how it will save money, especially that it's a onesize diaper, and that baby bum will feel dry because of the microfleece. I was really clueless, I thought "microfleece" was some sort of bulu kambing. Blame it on the nursery rhymes! "Mary had a little lamb its fleece as white as snow...". So I explained to my husband that the bulu kambing will make baby's bum feel dry so there won't be any rashes. Then I was actively doing "research" on CD and everyday when I get new information over the net I would share it with hubby and he would listen to me with interest. Without any doubt he agreed that we should give it a try.
- I spent my confinement period in my hometown in KK, while hubby stayed back in KL. One day during a long phone conversation he told me he posted an entry about cloth diapering in his school batch's family forum. I gaped for a while, with pleasure of course. Later after we hung up I ran to my PC and opened the forum and looked up for his entry. He was recommending CDs to his schoolmates and much to my amazement he actually copied part of your article on cloth diapering in his entry for them to read! I still remember that time you just changed your online store to new layout, i.e. you shifted those links from the left bar to the bottom part of your store. How nice :). Never thought he actually went through an online CD store!!!
- During my confinement I liked spending most of my internet time on your shoutbox, being the silent shy reader :P. Then one day I got to know that you'll be having your first CD gathering. I was so interested to go I told hubby about this. He told me to just go and join your gathering and get to know you people but I was just to shy to menyibuk around hahaha... Plus he was in KK for the weekend and all I wanted to do was spend time with him.
- My preggy cousin and her husband came to our house to collect a few stuff from her mother (we just got back from Sabah after my confinement period). I shared to her about CD. Somehow my hubby took the lead conversation from me and went on explaining to them about CD! Then he told me to show them some of my CD stash. Then he went on and on about how much money they could save when using CD. Bla bla bla... And that baby bum will feel dry because it's made of "bulu kambing". I gawked. OMG! He actually remembered me explaining to him about the "bulu kambing", which was absolutely wrong information and I always forgot to explain it back to him!! I couldn't stop to correct him cos he then he went on explaining about wipes to them! Wipes!!! He asked me to show them my wipes, and I thought to myself "Wah, so advanced this orang. I have yet to reach that part lah!". My cousin's husband immediately fell in love with the Snugglehugs Fitted Sherpa.
- We went to yet another of my cousin's house here during Hari Raya. She's also pregnant. There were many other visitors so I just waited for the perfect time to share with her about CD. Suddenly hubby said to me "Bah, show her your CD lahh..". Aiseymen... this guy is so advanced lah. I told him "Nanti la bah, tunggu dulu... ramai orang nih." While I was in the kitchen washing the dishes, he actually started talking to them (my cousin and her husband) about CD. He even stripped our Adam off his diapers!! That time Adam was wearing the Snugglehugs Fitted Sherpa and Bummis Cover (what I usually put him on during evening time just before his bedtime). Too bad I missed those moments. It would've made a perfect candid picture!
- He helps me hang the CDs after washing. He makes sure the liner side is facing the outer part so that they could catch the sunlight and make the stain disappear. He also makes sure he hang the fitted bamboos horizontally.
- He helps me change Adam's diaper in the morning before sending me to work, and Adam to the daycare center.
- Last but not least, he provides me with money to buy the CDs hehehehe... But he also keeps track of how much I've been spending on CD tsk..tsk..tskkk...
There are so many other "CD moments" of hubby which is just too many for me to list here. I secretly admire his guts for sharing about CD with others. I mean, that is just soo "motherly" for a guy hahaha :P... Sometimes it fascinates me that he put as much interest in CD as I do. What more could I ask from a very supportive husband? He is sooo supportive I love him sooo much!!!
Here I attach some pictures that I took using my phone camera this morning before going to work. He was changing Adam's diaper from fitted and cover into the striking orange Mommy's Touch OS snap pocket. As you know MT snap CD is not really a daddy friendly diaper because of the sooo many snap buttons. But he did it so quickly I only managed to snap a few blurry pictures. He didn't know I took these pictures with the intention to send it to you heheheehehheheh..... If I got the time maybe I'll send another good picture of him. Maybe la... if I got the time hahahhaha...
Anyway, if he's not the Cloth Diaper's Father Of The Year still he is MY CD Hubby and ADAM's CD Daddy Of The Year hahahahah... :)

Cloth Diaper on the cloth lines photo winner :
by Soo Ming , she will have Wahmies All day Wet bag

2nd place By: Taty , she will get Wahmies regular wetbag

I know this lady won the Cloth diaper Dad, but we have decided that this picture is one of the nicest from all the cd cloth lines photo that we got.

Thanks all for your participation!!

And be ready for the next photo contest SOON!......
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