Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pail liner

Hi all!
Ok just to show off my new dust bin/diaper pail with new pail liner. I bought a dust bin ( RM 24) at Karamunsing Komplex. And I just put the Wahmies pail liner inside. I got the Pink Jangle prints ( sold out ) if you got print pail liner just remember to put the print side inside and then just turn in out , so the prints can shown out side the dust bin/pail (like picture) If you are using solid color pail liner, the shiny PUL must be at the outer part , so the correct side of PUL is the inner part. So when you turn the pail liner, the correct size of PUL will shown at the outer part of the dust bin.
Note: pail liner will be useful if you have 2 or more kids in diapers.
So as you can see it fit perfectly at the bathroom's ink. The dust bin height is about 40 cm. I think using dust bin with swing flap ( is it the name of it?) will be more convenient . About smell issue? I think the one with cover will keep smell better. But I will settle with this for now :) and I don't have a big smell issue so far as I wash everyday.

I put a few drop of Tea tree oil on the cloth patch that is sewn inside the Pail Liner to help to eliminate odor

The inside view of the diaper pail. Isn't it pretty?(except for the no cigarettes sticker on top)
So like this in the morning , just grab the whole pail liner and wash it all together with diapers. No need to wash the pail for disinfect purpose.
When diaper time is over?
This liner/pail will make a good laundry bag too! Just to store any dirty clothing before washing time. :)

Till then...