Friday, April 18, 2008

What is new?

Another addition in our selection of Natural Soaps.
All are made in small batch and fresh from the scratch !
Using only the best natural ingredients.

New Specialty Soaps in stock ( all have gentle exfoliating purpose)

Delisiozo ( means Delicious...hmm yum ) It has orange and spice scents
Conforto ( means comfort) it has vanilla and sweet brown sugar scents
Mattino ( means morning ) it has Vanilla and almond scents
Biscotti ( means Cookies) it has rich creamy aroma of chocolate accompanied perfectly by the soothing scent of almond.
and Cappuccino ( espresso and vanilla....Do I need to explain more??) The bottom layer is coffee scented and full of ground espresso beans , The top "frothy" layer has a subtle vanilla scent .

Come in bar of 4 oz each ( aprox)

At RM 17.50/ bar.

All the soaps are handmade and shape and texture may vary from the pictures.
All soaps is wrapped in food cling plastic wrap and label in homemade paper labels.
And keep your eyes open we will have NEW soaps in store.

* Warning * addicted to Natural Soaps might happen after you try all of the Natural Soaps available in Mia Bambina! And Mia Bambina won't be responsible to that ! :-D

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Willow Pads are here

Hi moms

Mia Bambina is proud to be the first one who carry Willow Pads in Malaysia.

For moms who loves the simple and non fuss cloth menstrual pads. Now you have the option of Willow Pads.

It is a 2 in one system, means it come with3 layers hemp insert , and you can always add /reduce the insert according to your need.

Come in natural organic unbleached flannel or black organic flannel.

Our organic menstrual pad. One pad and one insert.

Willow pads from our luxurious, heavyweight and extremely absorbent organic cotton flannel. Both the cotton pad and hemp liners are made of the highest quality organic fabrics. They are soft and durable, yet allow for airflow which helps reduce infection.

They are as trim as a disposable pad, without all the harsh chemicals and waste! Each pad comes with one organic hemp terry liner to fit, additional liners are available.

These pads do not have a PUL plastic layer that can irritate your skin-because they don't need to! Our menstrual pads are so absorbent and don't leak (our hemp liners and thick flannel are our secrets)!

Comes in natural and black.....

The natural color is undyed and unbleached. Our black pads are deep black in color. There are no fumes or fading with this dyed fabric. The black pads are still organic, based on the way they were dyed.(Low impact, fiber reactive)

These versatile menstrual pads can be used for heavy flow (with a second insert) or regular flow (with one insert) and are thin enough to use as panty-liners when you remove the insert and use just the pad.

Our pads are more versatile as they can be adjusted to fit your changing needs. The insert is simple to place and remove as needed, making your purchase go even further!

Our snaps are made from nickel-free stainless steel, rustproof, and safe for sensitive skin, without resorting to plastic.


Measures 3 x 11
Measures 3 x 9

Pads are sold individually

All Pads come sealed in food-grade plastic packaging that is fully recyclable.

More about Willow Pads Company

Willowpads was founded in 2005, providing quality, reusable, organic products to women and babies. Willowpads products are handmade in Wisconsin, not in a factory or sweatshop. We have a small network of very talented work at home moms located in South Central Wisconsin, that make all of our products for fair wages.

We strive to offer the most sustainable products that are gentle and safe for our costumers and the earth. Never compromising in quality, we have created the most comfortable, practical and affordable products possible.

All of our fabrics are Certified Organic*. Our Hemp fabrics are Certified Organic and comprised of 55% Hemp and 45% Cotton. Hemp is a superior fabric, one that has been used for hundreds of years for its great strength, durability and resilience to molds and bacteria, plus it grows super fast and is very eco-friendly! Our Certified Organic Cotton premium flannel fabric is grown and milled in the US. and is a heavyweight flannel, thicker and softer than most cotton flannel.

Come back to this blog often , as you never know what is the next surprise is ! :)

Menstrual Cloth Pads re-stocked!

Good News , Mammas!
Here are what we have in stock. All are made with organic bamboo velour in specialty hand dyed.

Heavy pads:

Berry Swirl

Green Swirl


Comfort Contour Hemp silk in white

The limited Thong Tiny Liner

The Comfort Contour Organic Bamboo Velour set
Comes in tiny liner, comfort liner and medium comfort liners in berry swirl specialty dyed

And last but not least the best seller TINY LINERS
in Mocha, Sunset, Berry Swirl and Green swirl

All come in Organza pouch , but will not be wrapped individually. Will put 1-4 pads in each organza bags , depends on your order.
And also please note that all of the fabric is organic bamboo velour, hand dyed, so colors might vary from pad to the other.

Grab yours now if you see something that you like, as this pad is hard to get and will take long before next restock and specialty dyed color is rarely will be back in the same exact colors anytime soon

Click here to see what's in stock.