Saturday, June 30, 2007

Up close on prefold diaper

What is a prefold? Basically it is a traditional flat cotton nappy , already being folded. So you dont need to do those "origami" folds to use it.
Many of you wonder if lampin and prefold are the same. Well the answer is yes and no :D
Both lampin and prefold are made from cotton. And needs diaper cover .
But the prefold cotton material is more durable, and thicker . So it can absorb much more compare to lampin.

Prefold also come in unbleached style. The color are still creamy beige not pure white.As it is unbleached , so the fibers are still thicker thus can keep more urine.
It must be wash up to 5x prior wash to reach it maximum capacity to absorb , and if you also use pocket diaper, it need to be wash separately for the first 5 x of washes.

Prefold can be wear up tp 2.5 hours. And you can use it as insert for your favorite pocket diaper. It is great as "back up" or "extra" inserts. Premie insert can be use as doubler for bigger diapers as well. Do note that prefold takes longer time to dry compare to lampin

And it can be use as burp cloth, or rug cloth when your kid are bigger and are not in diaper anymore!

So here is the prefold. This is the unbleach type. I've using this for more than 6 months, and you can see it is still in great condition and it is more fluffed than a stiff new prefold.
You see the 3 panels, left, center and right? The center part have the most layers, some times it has 6 or 8. And the both sides panels have 2 or 4 layers. So when you see the prefold description 2x4x2 means that it has 2 layer on left side, 4 layers in the middle and 2 layers on the right.
The prefold that I use is 4x8x4

This is the most easy folding technique. You just fold the both sides in to the middle, and open up the upper/back part to form like a fan. You can also fold the front part in to middle if this size is still too long for your baby (specially newborn).This folding is good for catching a liquid BF baby poo. You can always use nappy liner on the top of it.
Then put your baby on top of the folded prefold
Then snap it by connecting the side parts and middle part, you can use pins if you want to, here I use snappy nappy fastener . Just hook it to the left , holding the middle part , then hook the middle part and the the right part. Easy and no scary pins for me!:D

Another simple but usefull folding technique is the TWIST . Just put the prefold and twist it , like the picture below

Put the baby on the top of ready twisted prefold
Then again use snappi to fasten.

I like to use prefold for newborn baby, just use it with Great Diaper cover(Bummis or Thirsties)
You dont need to change the Cover everytime you change the prefold. If it is not soil with poo poo, you can re-use up to 3 -4 times.

In the Clothes line

Here is the view of my backyard on typical sunny day! CLOTH DIAPERS hanging....LOL
I just love to see the colors combo....These are my inserts , and one all day wetbag, you can see the prefold too!(second from the left , just next to wetbag, then it is GAD hemp, then all the rest are microfiber insert and boaster.

OK now this is out of topic, just want to show you , we have uninvited guest sometimes. Monitor lizard! This is the second time it came and say hello to the statue friend.

See the bigger one behind ? that is real monitor lizard about 1 m long, and the front one is the statue .:D