Saturday, June 30, 2007

In the Clothes line

Here is the view of my backyard on typical sunny day! CLOTH DIAPERS hanging....LOL
I just love to see the colors combo....These are my inserts , and one all day wetbag, you can see the prefold too!(second from the left , just next to wetbag, then it is GAD hemp, then all the rest are microfiber insert and boaster.

OK now this is out of topic, just want to show you , we have uninvited guest sometimes. Monitor lizard! This is the second time it came and say hello to the statue friend.

See the bigger one behind ? that is real monitor lizard about 1 m long, and the front one is the statue .:D


Anggie's journel said...

oh dear.. look big .... dangerous?
heh.. could like to share this with u too :

Anggie's journel said...

Thanks for dropping by, hope to see u more in future.
byw,I love the green bum genius , but seem my boy cant wear it for long even he is 8.5 months . But drybees is fine for jeremy.

yalor... i be scared if i know the 'special guest' was near my house. feel 'geli' ... but as for me i dun like lizard . Even small wan that we usually found at home.
yeeee ... as long as it didnt go in ur hse .

Miranda Lea said... come i never notice any biawak there? no wonder all your fish lesap..hehehe..btw...u have bodyguard in your home...bull/zeina...