Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Minky Wipe Cases and Imse Vimse Training Pants

Finally it is here.....
Minky Wipe Cases are now available @ Mia Bambina only at RM 55 a piece, it comes with 20 pcs of disposable wipes and BONUS 3 pcs of multi purpose Flannel wipes until stock last!

It comes in : Pink Camo, Zebra, Giraffe, Cheetah, and Cow.
Use wipe case to bring wet wipes in style, or you can even put your favorite cloth wipes, pre-wet it with your favorite diaper wipe solution, or just bring it dry and bring the diaper wipe solution separately . But that's not all, you can use this pretty case for:

pencil case

make up case:

or even to put a few of cloth menstrual pads ( depends on the pad size):

3 or more pantyliners or teeny liners

One heavy pad and still can be added one pantyliner too

One Ultimate II pad

And of course cloth wipes!

Makes a GREAT Baby Shower gift ! And you can match it with our minky blanket to make a gorgeous set.

Click here to see wipe cases in stock.

We also have Imse Vimse Organic Training Pants in stock now. It is so trim and organic, so it is gentle to our environment and gentle on your baby as well.

Training Pants are made to "train" baby during potty train stage. It is not a diaper. So it will absorb much lesser that a diaper would. It will catch any spill of accident, and it will remind the kid to try to do it in the potty next time.

Personally I like the cotton/flannel inner layer of training pants ,so the kid know that it is wet and he/she suppose to do it or at least to try do to it in the potty next time. And it makes mom cleaning job much easier, since the spill will stay in the training pants

Training pants are not advisable to be use during nap time or night time.

The IMSE VIMSE Training Pants are designed to help children who are potty training. With two layers of absorbent terry fabric and a layer of PUL, these training pants protect clothes from getting wet when small accidents happen. Our training pants allow the child to feel wetness, which will help them in potty training. Made from organic cotton.
Available in Zoo, Farm, Green organic cotton ball and Orange organic cotton ball.
Only RM 48.50 /pcs

Imse Vimse Fox Fibre® Training pants . A comfortable layer of organic cotton plush of Fox Fibre® on the outside, soft elastic at the waist and with two layers of absorbent terry fabric and a layer of PUL, these training pants protect clothes from getting wet when small accidents happen. Our training pants allow the child to feel wetness, which will help them in potty training.

Fox Fibre® is exclusive cotton that is naturally coloured - not dyed, it grows that way. The natural colours darken when washed, and the fabric is more durable than ordinary cotton.

Naturally, we focus on the care for children and the environment. Fox Fibre® is perfect because of the softness of the fibre, it is chemical free and friendly to the environment. Fox Fibre® cotton is one of the kindest fabrics your child can wear.
Available only at Mia Bambina in olive and mocha colors.
At a promo price of RM 56 ( NP is RM 62.50) To encourage more mom to try this AMAZING plush and soft Fox Fibre organic cotton.

Click here to purchase Training Pants

Celebrating the Earth Day Contest

Hi Mom

The time has come again. This time contest is simple and easy. No need to take photo. Just need to write down a simple words :)

April 22nd is the Earth Day. And Mia Bambina will give away this PRIZE to one winner.
The prize will be :
One Drybees Hybrids AIO Diaper of your choice ( subject to availability)
One Regular Organic Cotton Willowpads + the hemp insert
One Organic Cotton Breast pads from Willowpads.

But that' not all, for the 2nd place you will get
One Drybees Onesize Bamboo Fitted

Shipping for Malaysian Address will be included.
(not for international shipping )

What you have to do is:
You need to write about Mia Bambina Logo ( above) .Please tell us, what do you think about that logo, what represent the logo, and what message I want to spread from the logo, what make the logo unique and why I choose to use that logo for my e-store? :) and what is the meaning of Mia Bambina ( very easy .. :) )
Put it in simple and interesting way , minimum of 100 words.

There is not right or wrong in this contest . :) which why it will be interesting.
A real interesting, authentic, and unique entry is what I am looking for :)

The winner will be post here in this blog , together with their contest entry.

Send to :
With subject : Earth Day Contest Entry.

Good luck!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

New in Stock : WAHMIES WIPES and more...

So finally the favorites cloth wipes , WAHMIES Wipes are back with new *exclusive" prints.
Exclusive means that the prints will be run one time only, and once it's gone , well It will be gone....
It's hard to re-stock the same prints again.

This time the wipes come it 3 groups : Girls, Boys and Neutral.
Price is will be RM 5.50 , a value of money. And the WAHMIES WIPES are known for it's quality of sherpa and flannel. This time the sherpa will be white in color( previously is natural colors)
How ever it will be still soft and fluffy and you gonna love this wipes

Boys collection

L-R: World cup, Race Car, and Balls

Girls Collections
L_R: Beach, Vain Butterfly, and Flowery pink

Neutral Collections

L-R : Le Duck, Ornaments, Catty Cats

And we also have More of Drybees Fleece night time pockets in stock,
and NEW Wahmies Hemp inserts.

Thanks for visiting this blog and have a great week a head!