Sunday, April 6, 2008

New in Stock : WAHMIES WIPES and more...

So finally the favorites cloth wipes , WAHMIES Wipes are back with new *exclusive" prints.
Exclusive means that the prints will be run one time only, and once it's gone , well It will be gone....
It's hard to re-stock the same prints again.

This time the wipes come it 3 groups : Girls, Boys and Neutral.
Price is will be RM 5.50 , a value of money. And the WAHMIES WIPES are known for it's quality of sherpa and flannel. This time the sherpa will be white in color( previously is natural colors)
How ever it will be still soft and fluffy and you gonna love this wipes

Boys collection

L-R: World cup, Race Car, and Balls

Girls Collections
L_R: Beach, Vain Butterfly, and Flowery pink

Neutral Collections

L-R : Le Duck, Ornaments, Catty Cats

And we also have More of Drybees Fleece night time pockets in stock,
and NEW Wahmies Hemp inserts.

Thanks for visiting this blog and have a great week a head!


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