Friday, April 18, 2008

What is new?

Another addition in our selection of Natural Soaps.
All are made in small batch and fresh from the scratch !
Using only the best natural ingredients.

New Specialty Soaps in stock ( all have gentle exfoliating purpose)

Delisiozo ( means Delicious...hmm yum ) It has orange and spice scents
Conforto ( means comfort) it has vanilla and sweet brown sugar scents
Mattino ( means morning ) it has Vanilla and almond scents
Biscotti ( means Cookies) it has rich creamy aroma of chocolate accompanied perfectly by the soothing scent of almond.
and Cappuccino ( espresso and vanilla....Do I need to explain more??) The bottom layer is coffee scented and full of ground espresso beans , The top "frothy" layer has a subtle vanilla scent .

Come in bar of 4 oz each ( aprox)

At RM 17.50/ bar.

All the soaps are handmade and shape and texture may vary from the pictures.
All soaps is wrapped in food cling plastic wrap and label in homemade paper labels.
And keep your eyes open we will have NEW soaps in store.

* Warning * addicted to Natural Soaps might happen after you try all of the Natural Soaps available in Mia Bambina! And Mia Bambina won't be responsible to that ! :-D

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