Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mamma pads comparison

This is the comparison of the mamapads ( left to right)
Ultimate original in purple
Ultimate II in blue jeans
Ultimate heavy flow in orange sherbet
Ultimate regular flow in purple
Comfort contour medium in orange sherbet
Here is the same pads as above but I put all until the tiny liners so you can see the different:
Again from left to right
Ultimate original ( longest)
Ultimate heavy flow
Ultimate regular flow
Comfort contour medium
Raw tussah silk liner
Hemp silk liner
Tiny liners

I will have this endura pads in wings (heavy, regular and light flows )and also endura in ultimate II, heavy flow, regular flow and tiny pads.

For mamapads I do not take pre order. First come first serve , sorry :) And I will announce it in my blog and estore front page.

And I can't guarantee when I will have the next batch arrive ( hopefully before end of the year)
As for Mama pads this time, I will have some "new" surprise material..
As I don't know about the prints or color yet , So I can't post it here.

The next big round of restocking will be expected in Feb 2008.



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Jess said...

You just wouldn't believe this.. I have been eyeing Homemade Mama's pads for some time now. Glad you brought them in. I can try them out from you now.. ;)