Monday, December 3, 2007


For you who are interested to try wool covers or already are a wool user or just want to know how or what is lanolized is, you can see how do I do . This is not the only "correct" way to do it.This is just my way to do, and I follow the instruction from sheepish grins , the maker of one of the best seller of lanolin products in USA.

Wool covers is something new in cloth diapering world in Malaysia. Before this, me and 2 other moms that I know have try to use wool for months , as you know they are Sharine and Christine. We often chat, and share and give each other tips about wool cover and soakers. Finally less than a month ago I bring in some wool covers to my e-store.

Some other moms might think that wool needs more care than other diaper. And when they heard about lanolizing, they said WHAT? uhmmm no thanks, too complicated.

So I just want to share how do I do it. Again this is just "my way" if you got other way or if you read at some other blogs or website or articles they way they do is slightly different , just follow which one you think suits you better.

To read more about lanolizing and wool cover, you can refer to my previous blog about wool cover.

To make it simple, lanolin comes in 3 different way: Solid, liquid and spray.

The solid one is the most affordable and it can be use for nipple cream, to moisturized chapped or dry skin . If you want to use for other cream rather than only to lanolized your wool, you will need to buy the solid lanolin unscented. Or if you have a left over 100% lanolin base nipple cream that can be use as well.

Here is what you need :
1. Solid lanolin and wool wash or gentle baby shampoo
2. a cup of boiling water ( i boiled it in the microwave )
3. warm tap water
4. small bucket or sink
5. baby wash liquid
6. Clean towel

Since you will need to lanolized less often that you wash your wool cover, it will be nice if you wash your wool cover before you lanolized it.
so here is the steps
1.First wash your wool in luke warm water using Sheepish Grins Wool Soap or Sheepish Grins Foaming Wool Soap. This soap is gentle for your wool but still has all the cleaning power that you need. ( woolite is not recommended to wash your wool cover).See below on how to wash your wool cover.
2.Drain the water
3.Then prepare 1 teaspoon of Sheepish Grins Solid Lanolin mixed with boiling water and a teaspoon of baby wash.

Mix to smooth out any clumps, then add to warm/tepid water.
if you add cool tap water, it might form clumps and this happened to me before.
Make sure the water is not to hot before you put in your wool cover.
4. Add your wool soaker to water and swirl it around. Allow it to soak in the water for a minimum of 15 minutes and as long as 24 hours.

5.Then take a towel, and put the cover in between the towel layers and squeeze out any water excess, and hang dry.

This is imse vimse bumpy wool cover.

Note: if you use knitted or crocheted wools soaker, it must be line dry.
some of wool cover ( like swaddlebees and imse vimse bumpy cover) it can be machine washed in cool. Please read the washing instruction carefully)

If you use liquid lanolin just follow the same steps like the solid lanolin but you don't need to add liquid baby wash.

With creamy spray lanolin:
This is the easiest way to lanolize your wool. After you wash your wool you just spray your soaker inside and out with Sheepish Grins Lanolin Spray. Massage gently into the fibers and allow to dry as usual. No clumps of lanolin anywhere and you can control how much or how little you add to your soaker.

How to wash:
You can wash your wool cover every week or two , or when it is soiled. You can use gentle baby shampoo , but if you use lanolin rich soap it will help to lanolized with each wash you you will need to lanolized left often. I will show you how to use the wool bar soap and the foaming wool foam wash.
With the foam wash , it is easy. Just wet your cover and spray the foamy wool wash in to the wool and rub it gently inside and outside.
With the wool bar soap ( I use the small sample size of wool wash bar) , you need to rub the soap bar to make it lather then you just rub in into the wool cover

or you can also rub the bar directly and gently to to wet wool cover.

Then just rinse with warm water, dry with towel and line/flat dry .

That's about it! And during my recent travel, I found bringing 2 wool covers with me really did help. Since I didn't need to wash it . (lazy mom)

Whatever your choice is : remember , wool or not wool , it is up to you. I just want to show another great way of Cloth diapering. It is all about options , not about trends to follow.

Another bonus from me: want to see My Maya in action of some wool's shorties and soaker?


bZbee said...

well done...thanks for sharing your tips ... hope it will help educate those who are still wondering what LANOLIZING is all about...Like ATP said...what LANO...???...

Peridot&Sapphire said...

great post! I attended a lesson today! (for the part of using woolwash bar and spraying lanolin)Maya is cute in the wool!
BTW, anyone wants to try wool longies??

Peridot&Sapphire said...

forgot another tip... both of the wool soakers that I have normally I will dry flat and avoid direct sunlight. It is to prolong the lifespan of the soaker since they are more vulnerable than cover.

allthingspurple said...

woooo.... Maya looks so good in both her llamajama and her blue mix yarn shorties. Cant wait for my blue yarn longies from the wahm !!!
Thanks for bringing in wool care, Sandra. Lurve you for that !!!

chanelwong said...

so lovely the pants...i like it...