Thursday, May 3, 2007

Sign baby! SIGN!

I heard about baby signing , many years ago . Since I was still not yet marry(almost:D) and I was about 22 years old.(hiks so young and long time ago) I saw my nephew Bjorn, he was about 15 months then. He came to Jakarta from San Francisco to attend my wedding, with his mom(my sis).I remember watching him eating and he started to make gesture and amazingly my sis can get what he wanted! So he ask for MILK, and MORE CEREAL! I turned to my sis, and was so puzzled and asked her: HOW DID YOU KNOW WHAT HE WANTS?CAN YOU READ HIS MIND?
Of course my sis told me in a "superior" tone :D(joking lah u if you read this) : He used sign language, so baby can communicate before they can even talk! And i thought: ooh i don't need to guess around what babies want! And plan to do baby signing ever since!I Did some research on the internet too.

Too bad, when Indy was young, we lived in Shanghai China, and I don't get any support or further information about baby signing. I do know some signs at that time , but only a few,so I use these signs with her. She manage to use MORE , and PAIN, and EAT, DRINK. And a few others signs. Indy is an early speaker. So she doesn't really use the sign after that. (or is it because of me?lack of support and information and there was no books available at that time)

During my second pregnancy I went to Hong kong books shop and buy one small book about baby signing. I has many signs to use, but for first timer like me ,I found DVD is much easier to understand.(first timer or lazy ?:D) but I couldn't find any.
So when I found there is a baby signing program in Malaysia, I was so excited! After a few emails with Jamie from BabysignMalaysia I've decided to take Parent kit book. and I love it! I can't wait to start baby signing with Maya soon. The Parent kits come in a big book, 2 DVD samples. And Book marks with all the "main" sign related to baby's world, and it has a "Cheater flip card" which I love the most because I can attached it to my fridge! Oh and in the book It has many of nursery rhymes where we can use the baby signing as gesture to teach our baby. So if like in itsy bitsy spider, we can use SPIDER, RAIN, SUN sign to rhyme with it! And I can get Maya attention easily with rhymes and songs!

I want to order some more DVD and books too. Too bad I can't join her workshop in Puchong, would love to join in, Jamie!:D
And Indy starts to watch the DVD and she told me, this means MILK and this means COW, I want to teach Maya how to do sign language! :D
I want to take MEAL DVD after this, because meal time is Maya favorite time!
So here is a few " FREE" guide for you :

Here is how you say CAT

Here is how you say EAT

And here is how to say ALL DONE

And yup you guess it...there are also sign to tell DIAPER,DIRTY! LOL .Would it be nice to have our baby telling that to us? So I don't need to sniff her bum or guessing if she is poo2 or not!:D

Well some parents said , why we treat our baby like they can't speak?would it slow down baby speech development ? will baby become too lazy to talk when they use signs to communicate?
Well the answer is NO, actually it help baby to talk sooner . For more info please browse Jami website. Oh btw Jamie is the certified baby sign instructor for Malaysia.

And one last thing, I didn't get pay to write this blog.:D
I'm just so excited about this, and just need to share it!

Take care! and let the little fingers talking! and wait until I post a new blog that Maya can do the signs! :D


Wawa said...

let the small fingers do the talking.

i was so very interested with baby signing, i've done some research and also tried to remember few signs to teach my sons.

Somehow, when hamzah arrive, i've forgotten about it all.

I should start all over again , it seems.

Anggie's journel said...

Thanks for sharing ...

Anggie's journel said...

thanks for sharing !!

Jamie said...

hello everyone. This is Jamie here....owner of Little Signers.

Sandra, I'm glad that you are very pleased with your purchase and I hope you will have many enjoyable signing stories to share.

Baby signing is/was a very fun activity to do with my son. And through communication, you really get to enjoy each other more. Not to mention that stressful times will be reduced!

Sandra purchsed the Parent Kit. This is a kit to help parents begin their signing journey at home. We also have other resources. Pleas feel free to visit our website.

If you have any signing questions, please email me. and I hope that I will be able to help.

Happy Signing all....

Lian said...

Hi Sandra,
Looks like we are on the same wavelength. This baby signing thing has been on my mind lately. I only did 1 sign with my second baby and that was "more". Have to be more diligent this time :)

p.s. The pix you were referring to on my blog is called digital scrapbooking. You can get free stuff if you sign up for newsletter at

HMom said...

I was looking at baby signing but somehow got wrapped up in things and did not get round to doing it.Now Rowena is already 1

zara's mama said...

I signed to Zara my older girl.. but b'cos my maid didn't corporate, she only learnt very few signs.. More, pain, small, big, I love you.

She speaks very well and started saying her first word at 9mths, even though she was taught to sign. So baby who signs doesn't mean they will be slow speaker. :)

Happy signing.. I have started to sign to Zaria too.. my 4mth old.

chanelwong said...

I owe you a tag and I have tagged you also...