Monday, June 4, 2007

Cloth wipes and beyond......

Since I was converted to Cloth, I saw all online store that carry cloth diaper sure will carry cloth wipes. As a newbie on CD-ing, the first thing that came in to my mind was : GROSS!! How to clean a gooey, slimy,jelly like,sticky baby poo with CLOTH??? You must be nuts! I guess I am now...nuts!
So what make me convert to cloth ...
After the discovery of the greatness of cloth diapering I'm hook and become addicted( as like you all don't know about this) :D. Then when come to poo poo time I found it that if I use wet wipes to clean , I got extra job to do, that is to separate the wet wipes from the CD. So it won't be wash together in the washing machine makes the fibers of the wet wipes stuck every where in the laundry and also wet wipes can't be flush it into toilet either.So it must be thrown into trash can . So here I am thinking maybe I should give Cloth wipes a try.

First I must make the solution to clean or to use with the wipes. I put water into a clean bottle and add 1 drop of tea tree oil and a drop of lavender oil (both are essential oil) and I got this solubilizer (ok it is not a is a drop of sticky oil that can mix oil and water into one,My sis gave me this from Australia) This is optional of course. Just water , tea tree and lavender will do just great. Or if you like you can use water and a few drop of your baby normal body wash liquid.

Then I got this normal flannel wipes or any baby towel which can be use as well and I found it is more CONVENIENT.
Since with wet wipes :
1. It can be dry if you don't close it properly
2.When you run out of that you will be freak out and must go to buy late at night to 24 hours store
3.Have you ever got your finger stuck in the plastic container!!! OUCH! I hate that. Even my hubby hates it!
4. With cloth wipes ,It make my job easier , I can just put the dirty wipes into dirty diaper and roll it and toss it into wetbag . No need to sort out the wet wipes

Me like many other moms love Wahmies wipes.They are made 1 layer of super soft cotton flannel print and one side of extremely soft cotton sherpa terry. The size is 8" by 8", just the perfect size to fold in half and store in a recycled disposable wipe container.
The Sherpa side is so soft and absorbent.

Cotton Sherpa is known for a very soft, very pretty, and excellent absorbency.Perfect for diapers and wipes.

I also use normal Flannel wipes, or any baby small towel will do.
The most asked questions: WILL IT STAIN? cloth diaper, you will be surprise that cloth wipes are easy to wash.

My gadget : wipes, bottle of water, tea tree oil, lavender oil, solubilizer
Some of my basic flannel wipes
Wahmies wipes on sherpa side , see it is still white and no stain even after lots of nasty poo cleaning up session :D

Here is what I do normally :
Pour water into wipe
Clean the bottom, if you got a big blown out of poo poo you will need two wipes or more. Keep bunch of wipes handy near you , specially if you got super wiggly baby like Maya
Wipe dry the bottom
Put the dirty wipes together with the dirty diaper
Rolled it
And just toss it into wetbag. DONE.....


Anonymous said...

Hi Sandra~

Great job with the pictures, as usual!!

I use cloth wipes as well and at the moment I get my tea tree oil from Body SHop. I'm hoping to get it elsewhere at a cheaper price. Where did you buy yours and how much did you pay for it? (Mine is RM25 for the smallest bottle, can't recall how many ml)

Shah Alam

Sandra@miabambina said...

Thanks Nik!
wow u are fast, I just post this blog, and the you left comment already! :D
I got mine from Australia form my sister. I got 2 smallest bottle and one medium (in the picture).She send to me since it is much cheaper in OZ.
YUp so far I also see the Body Shop tea tree.
Have you try bionature? They might carry it, but I'm not sure where you can get it from. Bionature is Malaysian company btw.

ifa said...

hi sandra and friends

try flapping thru cosway's catalog,maybe u'll find cheaper tea tree oil