Wednesday, August 29, 2007

About cloth pads ( for women that is!)

Ok ladies....don't be shy , just admit it , you think that is GROSS! Why in this world , in year of 2007, there are still people using CLOTH menstrual pads? Yuck, disgusting, gross, you name it! Well but as I am always the " strange" can call me what ever you want...or think cloth pads are gross, yucky...etc, but I am ONE PROUD LADY to share this info with you! Yes I AM!
Here is why:
1. Of course it is healthier, as you know I am the cloth diapers addict ( need to say more?) and the material in commercial pads are the same, they use gel, dioxin, chemical etc. I think I deserve something HEALTHIER! Don't you think you deserve something healthier?
2.Thinking of how women spend $$ to take care of their appearance and well being ,going to saloon after saloon, buying creams after creams, beauty therapies ,spas and much more, I found using cloth menstrual pads also as one of the health routine we should be aware and do!
3.I found that the blood is much more lesser when I use cloth pad.AMAZING...and not just me! many other cloth pads user have confirmed this. Disposable pads have chemicals in them which 'draw out' the blood from your body. I noticed this difference immediately when I made the switch to cloth! I had very little blood on my cloth pads compared to disposables
4.Less cramping after I changed to cloth!
5. Save money....

Ok if you read until this far ,that means you are still interested to know more!
6. Less yeast infection.
7. No more sticky tape stick to my hair! oouuch!
(sound familiar???)

Ok so now the questions:
1. Will it be messy?
It is not as messy as you think! Trust me! Amazingly the cloth pads make blood lesser !
Since there are no chemicals in the pads drawing the blood out of your body, you will notice a very high percentage of your blood loss actually gets flushed in the toilet.
2. Stain, stain ,stain?
Not really. I just rinse it with cold tap water. It will removes most of the blood. Then I just soaked it with a bit of detergent for about 4 hours or overnight. You can cover the container if you are sharing bathroom withother family member. If you imagine the water will be very dirty, you are wrong again! :) as I mentioned the blood will be rinse out easily, the rest just soak it with a bit of detergent and tea tree oil. And the next morning I just wash it with my normal laundry.

How can the cloth pad stay put without the adhesive tape? They got snaps that goes under your panties, like this

I've been searching around for cloth pad. And as soon as my cycle is back I tried it (due to breast feeding so it was delayed a bit :) ) I want something simple, natural, and fun! I love the natural fabric of WAHMIES bamboo, it is so lush, so soft. Great as panty liners or during light days.
Then I found Imse Vimse Organic cotton, which are great as well. I like the day pad.
But my searching is not till there!
I love to offer menstrual pads in my e-store , and I must try it and love the products my self before I can sell to others. And thanks to Dewi for all the nice tips and info! :)

So I really happy that I found these natural pads. Made from hemp, bamboo velvet, and even silk! The fabric are hand dyed too! The center layers are made from 100% unbleached organic cotton providing maximum absorbency, but a wonderful light and breathable pads! The back fabric are made form windpro fabric, it is waterproof and soft

This is a tiny liner, in bamboo velour
The dye colors will be vary from time to time .

This is the regular pads, made either from hemp or bamboo velour. Comes it regular or heavy flow! And it is trim and soft!

This is the Ultimate II pads. EXCELLENT for night time protection! or for postpartum time

Another great items are the Organic Hemp Silk Comfort Contour Liners!

These luxurious Hemp Silk Comfort Contour Liners are made with an Organic Hemp/Silk on the top, and windpro fleece on the bottom.
Organic Cotton center layer for absorbency. Silk has long been known for it's wonderful ability to aid in healing, and preventing yeast infections.
If you suffer from yeast infections,
you will be blessed by the natural healing properties of these Healing Pads!
Silk also keeps you feeling dry all day long!
They are simply beautiful, and a wonderful solution for those who suffer so often!

And of course I can't left out those who needs to wear thongs, or g-string to avoid VPL!
here are the tiny thongs. These thong tiny liners have a layer of organic cotton in the center and a layer of waterproof windpro fleece for the backing.
Huge comfort in tiny style!

All of these are coming in to Mia Bambina in September 2007!


Peridot&Sapphire said...

sandra, this is what I'm looking for! now we don't have to order overseas!!! Well done and really love you!!!


chanelwong said...

we have you to try and do all the survey...n tell us which is good...

allthingspurple said...

sandra !!! just what i wanted !!! just like Sharine said, now i dont have to get from aussie online stores anymore, cos its coming to Malaysia . ha ha

Sandra@miabambina said...

thanks, I hope the items will arrive soon. But it is worth to wait!
The maker , Peggy is great, and her workmanship are excellent!