Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Baby and Children articles at Mia Bambina's blog!

I am excited to share this good news to all parents of young children and babies.
Soon there are many interesting articles about parenting by
Elizabeth Pantley. She is a parent educator, mother of four, and author of eight books for parents including Gentle Baby Care, The No-Cry Sleep Solution, The No-Cry Potty Training Solution and The No-Cry Discipline Solution

Her new book is

~ The No-Cry Discipline Solution ~

Winner: 2007 iParenting Media Award for Outstanding Book
Amazon.com Best Of Parenting 2007

Here are her list of books

Some of the articles that will be posted in Mia Bambina blog are:

Newborn Babies and Sleep
–What Can You Do About It?
Toddler Cooperation

Wonderful Sounds for Sleep
Going Visiting with Your Baby
Crying in the Car Seat
Baby Tantrums

Hitting, Kicking, Biting & Hair Pulling
The Baby Blues: Do You Have Them? & What to Do
Stop Diaper Changing Battles
Help Your Crying Baby

Eight Sleep Tips for Every Child
Solving Naptime Problems
Tantrums, Fussing and Whining
What Triggers Your Anger?

Stop the

Moving from Crib to Bed
Should Babies & Toddlers Watch Television?
Handling Unwanted Advice ( see my personal blog)

Quick Facts About Potty Training
The Potty Training
Readiness Quiz
Potty Training – Get Ready, Get Set, Go!
First Born Jealousy
How to Have a Happy Marriage When You’re Busy Being Parents

and more...

I hope you will find the topics are just so interesting as I do!

And hopefully this parenting articles will be useful for you and make Mia Bambina's blog more interesting than ever! :-D


Malicious Mind said...

Sandra! the cool cloth dypers are sooo practical.. It's just like pampers but I can use over and over again.. Would love to drop by sometimes for new prints! :)

shooi said...

Can't wait to read the articles!