Sunday, January 20, 2008

Just to share.....

Mia Bambina will have a tiny batch of soaps soon .

Specially custom made for us. :)

What is natural soap?

The Cold Crafted method of creating luxury soap products is a time honored traditional practice of soapcrafting that takes fresh, specially chosen flower and plant oils, gently warmed to their natural melting points, and then slowly mixes them with an alkaline solution. As the mixture thickens and cools pure essential oils, flower extracts and other beneficial ingredients are added to produce a final product that is as magical in appearance and scent as it is gentle to the skin. Because no additional heat is applied once the oils have been melted this unique method of soapcrafting is often called the ‘Cold Crafted’ process.

What ingredients are in your natural soap?

Only the finest quality essential oils, organic herbs and flowers, therapeutic minerals clays and food grade vegetable oils are used in our products. When we say 100% natural, we mean 100% natural!

Most commercial soaps including many of the world’s most popular brands contain synthetic fragrance, colourants, preservatives, foaming boosters and animal products even to this day

If you are interested to try this soap, please e-mail me. I got limited scents for now. Some come in plastic wrap and some with paper tray boxes ( perfect for gifts too)
And some come in a set of 2 or 3 ( in paper tray boxes)
Price is RM 16/pcs.

E-mail me for the scent list :)

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farrahar said...

waahh new product! congratulations for yet another step ahead! can't wait to try it :)