Monday, January 14, 2008

WAHMIES onesize pocket diaper!

Finally , this is what you've been waiting for!

The NEW Wahmies One Size Diaper is truly a diaper that fits from birth to potty training that sets no limits from thin & short to tall & chubby to everything in between. It is easy to use with an opening in the back for effortless soaker stuffing. It has soft and fluffy velour against babies skin to wick away moisture that stays looking as good as new wash after wash. It features a gentle waist elastic to help with the newborn stage and beyond. Four rise settings adjust from tiny newborn to busy toddler and the AMAZING QUICK HOOKS to make adjusting size limitless.

Fitting an assortment of size ranges, the NEW Wahmies One Size Diaper sets itself apart from all others. The ease of use and sizing versatility will make you feel secure that your babies diaper is snug and comfy.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Make sure the rise setting works for your baby. For newborn and smaller babies, adjust the rise by snapping down the front of the diaper to the appropriate setting. Once you have adjusted the rise, you can leave it snapped down even after it is soiled, in the washer and the dryer too… no need to reset it each time. Next add an insert.

Tip: After the newborn stage, push the hooks to the neighbouring loop to put them out of the way for the next baby.

  1. Choose from the two front hook settings to fit your child. Inner hooks for small babies (b), outer hooks for bigger babies(a).
  2. Snugly latch the hooks through the eyelets along the back of the diaper. This may take a bit of practice, but once you have done it a few times some say it’s easier than a snap or velcro diaper!

Tip: When latching and unlatching the hooks through the eyelets it will work a bit smoother if you lightly push the hook towards the diaper

  1. And finally, wrap the wings around and fasten them snugly in the center front eyelets.

Time and time again parents using this diaper have told us how impressed they are with the sizing range. One Mom told us she successfully uses it with her 5 pound newborn son and even tried the same diaper on her 39 pound 5 1/2 year old daughter saying it fit her like a glove. Another uses it on her busy toddler who never has time for a change yet the easy adjustability helps make diaper changing quick and simple. The bonus is: Mom can take it off but the toddler is defeated in her effort to remove her diaper. Dads have even told us that once they have tried it a few times it has fast become one of their favorite diapers… simply because the fit is so adjustable they don’t have to worry about messy leaks!

Try it and you will see that the NEW Wahmies One Size diaper is truly in a class of its own.

Malaysia retail price RM 66.00 only.

Now available at Mia Bambina, limited quantity only. More in 2 weeks time!


shooi said...

I want, I want! But i already invested in so many BumGenious la. :(

pu said...

hi sandra. u dont know me but i got ur link frm farrahs blog. anyhow, i have plans to start an online business myself (i have a 7mth and it kills me to go to work everyday). i am clueless on how to start. wondering if u cud give me some hints, like how u create n manage ur website? wud really appreciate it. o i just purchased one of ur AIO wahmies, im fully on disposables rite now. hehe. o btw, ur little ones r sweethearts.