Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Green Acre Designs are BACK

Here are one of my personal favorite pocket diaper! And want to know why?

It uses side snaps, each side has 3 rows of snaps, for waistline and thigh.
It has a trim cutting
It has a GREAT color combo!
And it fit nicely....

And there is also GADimals!! What is this?
This is a GREAT pocket diaper with the same fitting and cutting like GAD PUL pocket.
So soft and fuzzy on the outside! And it is 100% waterproof and best of all is it really breathable!
Perfect for night time diaper, but it makes a GREAT show off day time diaper as well!!

And for you that are curious....( ehm that's mean ALL OF YOU)

Here are what we are having NEXT :

A pocket diaper , front snaps, Insert included! For those who prefer snaps more than Aplix/velcro here is your chance.
First round stocking are LIMITED. Make sure to visit our e-store often to see when the diapers are here.

And What is the Next after that??
Another Front Snaps Pocket PUL diaper with a "Twist"and Hemp trifold and microfiber boaster included! Ok that is too much infomation leaked for now.....

Stay tuned here! Only @ Miabambinablog!

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