Thursday, July 3, 2008

Get Ready for Cloth Diapers Virtual workshop!

Get ready ....after long time of consideration and preparation, Finally I 've decided to try to run Mia Bambina's first Virtual CD workshop.
I will limit the participants, and will announce the topic and time later on.
What you need is to have yahoo messager ID , a free time ( about 30 mins to 60 mins, I cross my fingers and hope my dd will let me lead the workshop in peace !!)

The Virtual workshop will be held inside YM ( conference mode).

If you are up for it. Either you are new in cloth diapers, a veteran ( means that your own kid are diaperless or potty trained by now) ,or you are still in the pregancy or a current cloth diapers user, or if you speak English fluently or not ...( we can mix with Bahasa Melayu also , Jangan takut! :-D ) ..Feel free to join!

What you need is to email me, and I will send you the registration form. And you will need to fill it up. And send it back to me.
From there I will see how many participants do we have and will arrange the time that hopefully will work for everyone.

And for KK moms . we got one workshop (19 th July, seats are all booked). If you are interested to join the next one on August , please email me sandra(at)

Until then moms..... send me those emails :)

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