Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mia Bambina will be away from November 9th until December 5th

Dear Customers and Friends.

Mia Bambina will not taking any orders from November 9th until December 5th. And we are really sorry for any inconvenience caused by that. Any pre sales or post sales services and consultation via email MIGHT still be responded in longer waiting frame time ( 3- 6 days). So please be patient during that time, I know it is hard to be patient sometimes :) but I got plenty of emails to reply in one day, but since this is the time of the year again for me to take a time off, and spend more time with my family. I will limit my time on replying emails and enjoy a bit of quality time with my family ( Children grow up sooo fast! )

Also in this opportunity, I would like to remind you all , during normal period, sometimes it will takes more than 24 hours for me to get back to you ( emails, chat box, etc) . So , again, your patience will be really appreciated. If after 36 hours , you still did not hear from me, you can send me a gentle reminder or just resend your emails. I do receive plenty of emails daily, most of them are asking about how cloth diapers works, and products knowledge, also beside that, I need to communicate with my suppliers, and keep up with orders, making invoices, pack orders, making calls, and cooking, take my children to school and back, take care of them , and so on and so on ( I guess you all know the list! :-) )
I do my best to reply it as soon as I can, but sometimes even that I want it to, I couldn't. I got only a human power for now. When I will have my super power one day maybe I will do that :-)

However, I know that during our time off next November to early December, it will cause many of you a great inconvenience so Mia Bambina also want to make up for that, so we will have a TREAT for you before we are leaving.

Stay tune for further info.

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