Monday, January 19, 2009

Luna Pads Give Away Contets

Mia Bambina will have a new contest for this upcoming Chinese New Year Celebration.
This time we will choose ONE winner , she can choose the prize of 2 Lunapads of her choice!

How to do:

Please let us know :

What make you want to switch to cloth menstrual pads ? ( either if you've tried it before or you are thinking to try it )

Please post your answer on the comments box in this post.
Don't forget to leave me your email/contact details.

This contest is sponsored by and please check their awesome blog too!
This contest is open for Malaysian residence only.

Dead line : 5th of Febuary 2009

Happy writing and Good Luck!


Mabel said...

Hi Sandra, your contest came at the right time as I only tried using cloth pad for the first time today.

Seeing the extremely good results of cloth diapering my baby, coupled with my own sensitive skin (I always get severe skin rashes from using disposable pads) so I wanted to give cloth pads a try.

Now, I can say I am extremely satisfied with the results. Not only it feels so comfy and dry, I could hardly feel as if I'm wearing a pad! And the normal skin itch and abrasion from those disposable pads is totally no where to be felt when I was wearing the cloth pad.

I am certainly glad I made the choice which is both benefitting me, my skin and the environment. Oh yes! Washing them was also a breeze! Not like what I was having in mind initially.

Pohling said...

Would like to have a try on using cloth menstrual pad rather than using disposal pad... guess it must be more hygiene!

Further, I may want to try to use cloth diapers for my little gal as well after seing your e-store few months ago...

Name: Wong Poh Ling

giddy tigress said...

The decision to switch was not an easy one to make
For 'sposies are so easy-to-use, for convenience' sake
But once I made the change, there was no turning back
Cloth is for me, now won't you get on the same track?

And here's why cloth menstrual pads are PERFECT for me:
P: pretty
E: environmentally-friendly
R: reusable
F: fun and funky designs
E: economical in the long run
C: comfortable
T: treats the body healthily


Linachu said...

I would love to switch to cloth menstrual pads. I have only come across them recently and have since read so many good things about them. Initially, I did think that it would be troublesome to use and wash but the more I think about it, the more I love the whole idea of it and the concept behind the company Lunapads itself. Our monthly cycle is nothing to be ashamed of, we should care about our bodies and care about what we are doing to the environment too. And the pads are so gorgeous!

I want to make the switch!

Azlina Abd Jalil

Bonnie said...

What makes me convert to Cloth Menstrual Pad?

As an addicted cloth diapering mom, I think to try out cloth pad is a muct. I mean, you can choose to like it or not, as for me, once I tried I love them.

I started with the most basic and cheap cloth pads as trial,and I love them, slowly I bought those more luxury type - minky. Boy, am I amaze with it, how soft and comfort, and most of the time I forgot I'm having my periods cause you just dont really feel them when you wear it.

Another extra point that makes me officially convert to cloth pad is those periods cramps and dischage has reduce. So it prove it for a healthier me, what's more great it is environmental friendly, also, it come with so many gorgeous colours and design that makes you just want to try and own them. It's definetely a good thing to be invest, just like cloth diapers!