Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mia Bambina is welcoming the new owner

As you all might noticed, Mia Bambina is being stagnant lately. And we are sorry for any inconvenience caused.But here come the good news : Mia Bambina will have a new owner!

Due to changes in my husband's job , I am not longer be able to run MB ( geographic reason) ^_^ , but I am more than happy to welcome the new owner, she is a great friend, a wonderful mom of 2, and the most important that is a passionate supporter of breastfeeding, cloth diapering, and baby wearing. A "Green Mama" in the whole package ! Which why she will make  a great next person to run  Mia Bambina Online. Without  further delay, let me introduce you to the new owner : ( drum roll please...) Farrah Rahim .

We will make this transition progress as smooth as possible. And I will still assist her behind the scene but I don't think Farrah will need much of my assistance as much as she thought she would be :) . And I firmly believe she will bring Mia Bambina to even better level that it ever been before. One note to Kota  Kinabalu's customers, Mia Bambina won't be based in KK anymore but it will be base in the Peninsula from now on.

I want to use this chance to say a BIG thanks to all of you who has been a great customers and for your supports. I also want to apologize if I said something that I didn't mean to  or do something that is not very pleasant to any of you. To be able to run this biz have been one of the memorable time of my life,  and I learn a great big deal out of if, to be a better biz woman and to be a better person and the most important to be a
better friend.

You can contact Farrah at or for further information.

And once again, please welcome Farrah as the new owner of Mia Bambina!



Hanz said...

What a lovely surprise! All the best Farah!

Hirda Ibrahim said...

Congrats Farrah :)

Anonymous said...

All the best to you, Sandra! Thank you for helping me get my first stack of cloth diapers.
Congratulations to you, Farra. Look forward to supporting Mia Bambina.

Mummy to Baby V

lott said...

Good luck farrah! aku baru je browse catalog miabambina few days ago utk select CD. nanti insya Allah kalau cukup duit aku place order k.

chanelwong said...

Congrats to Farrah...
Hey...Sandra...set up a branch in your new place lar....

Qaty said...

Wow! Good luck Sandra..where ever u're going..It was nice buying from you...:)
Good luck to Farrah too....:) So, this must have been that 'thing' u mentioned