Monday, August 20, 2007


I got tagged from Sharine . If I can choose which one I would be?
After thinking....and reading allthingspurple 's tag, I am not SAHM and FTWM either. Maybe I am a PTWM or WAHM.
However the last one, got a "negative" review somehow.(wonder why)

I've been SAHM, PTWM and WAHM . Just to share:

When I was just married to my dh 8 years ago, I worked in Singapore, and still no children that time. After my dd born I become SAHM for 2 years. After that I become PTWM. I worked part time in shoes company ( some are big name like ninewest, romanni, etc....make me wanted to snatched all the shoes!!! )I worked 2 weeks in a row , to follow the quality controller from Italy, and then I will have 2 weeks off or so. When I went to work in the morning, Indy , that time was 2 years old , will screamed and cried! and begged me not to leave her. Hearted broken me...still needed to go to work early in the morning, and came back at 7-8 at night.

After that job , I still got weekend job as instructor for baby gym. I love it , because I worked 3 times a week, and I can bring Indy with me. Financially it was good also, since I can spent my salary for ME! hahaa...

Then during pregnancy , I be SAHM again for sometimes, until now.
I run a small online store from home. So is this consider PTWM? or WAHM?

So I choose to be either PTWM or WAHM, why:

1. It give me sense of independence but also It make me feel great as I still can be at home with my children. I do admire FTWM moms , where they can have a great carrier and manage to run household and take care of children too. But for me, to be with them , or keep an eye on them while working it is just a great BONUS .
So WAHM i think is good specially in my small biz , online store. But it is common people think since I am a WAHM, I dont have anything to do beside taking care of my online store. And blame me as WAHM for it. Of course her store can manage well.... (read: nothing to do at home, but waiting for orders only) LOL:) I hope I really have nothing to do and wait for order! :)
well whatever it is....I will try my best to correct this point a view. Being WAHM is not that easy. And I must be competent in both family and business issues. Family still my number one priority. And it is not easy to pack orders , make invoices with a 1 year old trying to open all cabinets and banging my calculator and throwing my handphone .:) or try this: when I must answer a customer's call regarding products issue, I must sound calm and assuring, while my dd hanging to my breast and refused to be put down to her crib :) and want me to walk her around the room while i am on the phone.!

2.Being a WAHM make me still connect to other world. And to THE "WORLD"...It make me do more research, make decisions, and it just make my brain going and thinking. I like challanges. And believe nothing good comes easily. All the other nasty things happen around my biz life are just nothing compare to the safety and the well being of my family. After being hit hard in biz life or just had another bad rumors days , or even low sales weeks and disappointed customers, to face all of this nasty things, and to see my lovely girls playing and laughing at the same time, make my problem seems lighter. While working in the office (as FTWM) surround by nervous adults seems to make the problem heavier.

3.I still be able to contribute to family financially. Not very much for now, or maybe none at all . As my e-store is still struggling with budget. But I can make re-stocking from with in, and grow slowly from there. I do hope one day , if I still can survive in this biz for another year or so,I will be able to support my family better.

Being a WAHM is not all good. It is hard to find time to do stuff properly, I never can find time to do re inventory weekly. The only time when I can work properly is when my dd are a sleep. Some times I just miss to b e SAHM, like back then in Shanghai. My activities was just luncheon meeting, do charity event, or shopping gathering, chit chatting.

Being a WAHM and run my own store sometimes can be upseting as well. Either I want it or not, to be on the game we must play the game correctly. So either be in it or out. This is issue for me as WAHM. I dont want to be hit and I don't want to hit either.I just want to protect my self, and concentrate on what I do best.

But being a positive person, I think I can handle to be a WAHM for some more times! :) and I am sure I will come up with more wonderful and great ideas!
whether you like it or not....:)

Now I got other problem! I don't have anyone to tag! I think they are all being tagged already
Chanel , care to share your story?
Angie I know you are busy and happy now...but want to know your point of view.

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margaret said...

Hi Sandra, I was just wondering why you said that your financial contribution to your family is "Not very much for now, or maybe none at all". I was thinking that your store was doing very well. Maybe running an e-store is not as easy as it seems to be ?

Sandra@miabambina said...

running a e-store takes much more than other people think. The outer packages seems to be easy and breezy, but behind it there are many things to be consider too.
And I still not be able to enjoy a single cent for my self left alone to contribute to my family.:)
And I work much more than full time job hours.
Sometimes my dh would said, it is worth it?
I said definitely , yes. But not financially at the moment but more to full fill my passion first. I work slowly on that .
After sharing and reading about overseas WAHM, they faced the same problem as well in the beginning on the e-store life for at least 2 years before can make any contribution financially.
So I would yes, yes running an e-store is not a piece of cake.But the nice thing is , it is you that controlling it , so it can be as small as you want it, or as big as you wish.
I am just a beginner here, I still have a lots of things to learn along the way. And I enjoy every second of it!
PS: oh n my humble e-store is not doing very well. it is just doing OK! LOL