Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Maya's stash

Finally I have the time to pull this together! I am a cloth diapers addict , oh YES I AM!
The purpose of this post is strictly for FUN! Specially for other addicts out there! :)
As being in this biz, I need to learn and try a wide variety of fabric, material, cutting, function that can work in Malaysia. I see it as "investment" in a pretty FUN way! LOL
As you can see on the left panel of my blog, there are also Maya pics in other cloth diapers.
But as you all know she is "the face of Drybees !" :)

Here u go , ENJOY!

Maya 11 months with Imse Vimse organic cotton fitted in medium setting.The left photo is my favorite , she looks so "angelic"there!

Maya 11 months with So simple cover over Imse Vimse OS fitted

Maya with Thirsties medium cover in melon over sherpa fitted.

Maya with minkee pocket

Maya with pink camo minkee wrap over DRYBEES bamboo onesize fitted

Maya in Kissaluvs colors!galore Size 1 in Melon. Maya is an average build baby.

Maya here with Drybees bamboo onesize fitted in Medium setting.
The bamboo fleece fabric is SOOO soft, comfy and soooo breathable! I can hold to this diapers forever!

And has a nice fitting too!

Maya in GADimals size large in purple & yellow microfleece. This is a FUZZY, soft! and a F.U.N.K.Y DIAPER!

In GAD pink princess and purple fleece in medium. My maid put this on her, so I dont really like the fitting here. Too loose!

This is a custom made with coral med wt windpro fleece with medium lavender snaps, and cow hide print suede liner inside. (sound complicated? LOL)No embroidery yet, but Mamma is up to that soooon....LOL. I enjoyed it so much to pick my own fabric and combination.


montessorimum said...

This post really has an advertising effect. You are luring me to buy more and more CD. :D Maya is actually so lucky...I loves all the pictures, the CDs are really really nice.

BTW, I've tagged you..First tag.

allthingspurple said...

i am drooling over the camo pink and the minkee. ha ha

oh, *evil laughs* and i tagged you too.


Peridot&Sapphire said...

oooo... you are making us envy and lure with the collection. Minkee color is great, very eye-cathing! GAD-imal looks comfy though. What's next??