Friday, February 22, 2008

Baby Sign Malaysia New Products

I am so excited when I heard that Baby Sign Malaysia has launched new products. So I go over to the homepage to know more about these great items.

Maya is now 18 months and she can use several of the signs. But funny though she is just signing mostly to me. Maybe because our maid doesn't know how to, and I am the only person who doing this with her. She can show me " more" sign if she wants more food, or "bird" when she saw a bird outside. She can tap her diaper when she pee. ( first sign of potty train readiness?:-) )
She is also can speak a few words like dog, ball, nice, etc.

So I think the" My first Spoken words" is a nice book to have for Maya now.
My First Spoken words books complement signing and make it easy for babies to learn to speak their first words. When babies open each page, they will hear words and sounds that help them learn to say their very own first words. ( RM 50 promo price, RM 70 for normal price)
And if you are looking for a great baby sign book/dvd to start , I think these are great !
I can Sign
is an interactive lift-the-flap book and DVD work together to provide your baby with multiple examples of each sign for faster learning. A great value at RM 40 !

As I have purchased several of Baby Sign products before I know that the quality are superb , the book, the dvd, the flap cards are just excellent to have.

Another interesting thing to know and consider is their career opportunity. I always wanted to be ICI ( Independent Certified Instructor) of Baby Sign , but It seems that I got too much to handle on my plate right now. When the timing is right, sure I will seriously take this great opportunity . It is always great to be able to learn something and share it with other parents and in the same time you can earn some extra income , isn't it ?
So if you want to know more ... just read on and you can contact the Baby Sign Malaysia

Oh and another great books that I will love to buy are

in their second book for parents, Dr. Acredolo and Dr. Goodwyn go beyond their Baby Signs® research to share with parents the fascinating facts about the first three years of life discovered by researchers around the world. They take advantage of what these researchers have learned to suggest dozens of stimulating activities babies naturally love. This engaging book provides parents and child development professionals with useful information to nurture each baby’s inborn talents and tendencies in six key areas: memory, problem-solving, language, reading, number awareness and creativity. (206 pages)

In the third volume of their acclaimed, science-based series, Dr. Acredolo and Dr. Goodwyn bring the fruits of their twenty-plus-years research on parent-infant relationships to reveal the rich emotional lives of young babies and teach parents ways to give their baby or toddler an emotional head start during the earliest and most critical years. Translating up-to-date research findings into practical strategies and fun activities, this comprehensive guide will help you help your child begin life in a positive direction that will benefit you both for years to come. (293 pages)

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