Sunday, March 9, 2008

Cute Baby Shoes preorder March '08-CLOSED!

As I am searching for a good quality baby/toddler leather shoes, I came upon this baby and toddler shoes. It had been featured in many USA parenting magazine as well as baby blogs, and feature to be the list of the celebrities' babies must have items. And since I will make an order for my own dd, I think I would like to share this opportunity to share it with you. This will be great to order for you and as gifts!
This is actually my first open preorder so far.

This is how it works:

1.You choose the style, and size ( please refer to size chart) and email me at info at miabaminadotcom. Put the subject as : BABY SHOES PRE ORDER
2.Write your name, address, shoes type(item number) and size and please list 1st option and if the first option is out of stock you may want to list the 2nd option.
3.Make full payment to me ( bank transfer or by paypal in USD , fee applied )
and instock shoes will be here in 2-3 weeks time.
4. Deadline to this preorder will be on the 23rd of March , Sunday. Order receive after that will not be accepted.

Here is why this will be interesting, The prices stated here are USA retail prices, and I will not charge you the shipping to me. But domestic shipping fee will apply ( RM 7 to all over Malaysia) BUT if you take 2 pairs, I will give you FREE shipping. So it is like to order from USA without paying shipping at all!!
This promo cant be combine with other products order from Mia Bambina.
Please use the conversion rate of Rm 3.25 /USD

Size Chart

Our shoes are sized more true to age than most brands.

Please measure your child's foot in inches and allow 1/4" or so for wiggle room in the toes.

Measurements shown are actual sole lengths.

<> Size <>Length <>Width <>US Size Equiv. <>EUR Size Equiv.
0-3 months / Newborn
4" 2" 2 17.5
3-6 months / Small
4.5" 2.25" 4 19
6-12 months / Medium
5" 2.5" 5 20
12-18 months / Large
5.5" 2.75" 7 23
18-24 months / XLarge
6" 2.75" 8 24

They feature buttery soft leather and are lined with a layer of white cotton fabric to keep all dyes away from baby. Cute Baby Shoes also feature black suede soles to keep the shoes looking newer, longer �no more dirty footprint outlines on the bottom of baby's shoes. All of the shoes are made from cow leather.
Baby girl shoes and toddler girl’s shoes should be as supportive as they are adorable. As one of baby’s most significant lifetime milestones, those first few steps should be encouraged with practical shoes that foster confidence and control. And once completely mobile, baby’s feet need a dependable barrier against uncomfortable obstacles that may otherwise impede critical progress and exploration.

Item# Item Name Our Price Qty
BESF8017-nb Panda - 0-3m Newborn $24.95
BESF8017-sm Panda - 03-6m Small $24.95
BESF8017-md Panda - 06-12m Medium $24.95 (Out of Stock)
BESF8017-lg Panda - 12-18m Large $24.95
BESF8017-xl Panda - 18-24m XLarge $24.95

Item# Item Name Our Price
BG8022C-nb White T Strap - 0-3m Newborn $24.95
BG8022C-sm White T Strap - 03-6m Small $24.95
BG8022C-md White T Strap - 06-12m Medium $24.95
BG8022C-lg White T Strap - 12-18m Large $24.95
BG8022C-xl White T Strap - 18-24m XLarge $24.95

Item# Item Name Our Price
BESF010A-nb Burgundy Satin & Velvet - 0-3m Newborn $24.95
BESF010A-md Burgundy Satin & Velvet - 06-12m Medium $24.95
BESF010A-sm Burgundy Satin & Velvet - 06-12m Small $24.95
BESF010A-lg Burgundy Satin & Velvet - 12-18m Large $24.95
BESF010A-xl Burgundy Satin & Velvet - 18-24m Xlarge $24.95
BESF010A-xx Burgundy Satin & Velvet - 2-3 years XXLarge $25.95

tem# Item Name Our Price
BESF8038-nb Pink with White Ribbon - 0-3m Newborn $24.95
BESF8038-sm Pink with White Ribbon - 03-6m Small $24.95
BESF8038-md Pink with White Ribbon - 06-12m Medium $24.95
BESF8038-lg Pink with White Ribbon - 12-18m Large $24.95

Item# Item Name Our Price
K-810A-nb Pink Boots - 0-3m Newborn $30.95
K-810A-sm Pink Boots - 03-6m Small $30.95
K-810A-md Pink Boots - 06-12m Medium $30.95
K-810A-lg Pink Boots - 12-18m Large $30.95
K-810A-xl Pink Boots - 18-24m XLarge $30.95

Item# Item Name Our Price
K-810E-nb Lavender Boots - 0-3m Newborn $30.95
K-810E-sm Lavender Boots - 03-6m Small $30.95
K-810E-md Lavender Boots - 06-12m Medium $30.95
K-810E-lg Lavender Boots - 12-18m Large $30.95
K-810E-xl Lavender Boots - 18-24m XLarge $30.95

Item# Item Name Our Price
BESF8025D-nb Brown & Pink Bowler - 0-3m Newborn $24.95
BESF8025D-sm Brown & Pink Bowler - 03-6m Small $24.95
BESF8025D-md Brown & Pink Bowler - 06-12m Medium $24.95
BESF8025D-lg Brown & Pink Bowler - 12-18m Large $24.95
BESF8025D-xl Brown & Pink Bowler - 18-24m XLarge $24.95

Item# Item Name Our Price Qty
BESF8050A-nb Princess - 0-3m Newborn $24.95
BESF8050A-sm Princess - 03-6m Small $24.95 (Out of Stock)
BESF8050A-md Princess - 06-12m Medium $24.95 (Out of Stock)
BESF8050A-lg Princess - 12-18m Large $24.95
BESF8050A-xl Princess - 18-24m XLarge $24.95


Our soft shoes for your baby boy or toddler continue to showcase our unique design and quality construction. Designed especially for the active baby boy or toddler, our shoes offer the strength and durability of fine leather with the practicality and relaxing comfort of cotton.

Item# Item Name Our Price Qty
BESF8015-nb Car - 0-3m Newborn $24.95
BESF8015-sm Car - 03-6m Small $24.95
BESF8015-md Car - 06-12m Medium $24.95 (Out of Stock)
BESF8015-lg Car - 12-18m Large $24.95 (Out of Stock)
BESF8015-xl Car - 18-24m XLarge $24.95

Item# Item Name Our Price
BESF8023-nb Ball - 0-3m Newborn $24.95
BESF8023-sm Ball - 03-6m Small $24.95
BESF8023-md Ball - 06-12m Medium $24.95
BESF8023-lg Ball - 12-18m Large $24.95
BESF8023-xl Ball - 18-24m XLarge $24.95

Item# Item Name Our Price Qty
BESF8042B-nb Black Flames - 0-3m Newborn $24.95
BESF8042B-sm Black Flames - 03-6m Small $24.95
BESF8042B-md Black Flames - 06-12m Medium $24.95
BESF8042B-lg Black Flames - 12-18m Large $24.95 (Out of Stock)
BESF8042B-xl Black Flames - 18-24m X-Large $24.95

Item# Item Name Our Price
K-810B-nb Navy Boots - 0-3m Newborn $30.95
K-810B-sm Navy Boots - 03-6m Small $30.95
K-810B-md Navy Boots - 06-12m Medium $30.95
K-810B-lg Navy Boots - 12-18m Large $30.95
K-810B-xl Navy Boots - 18-24m XLarge $30.95

tem# Item Name Our Price Qty
BES5692E-nb Navy Sandal - 0-3m Newborn $24.95 (Out of Stock)
BES5692E-sm Navy Sandal - 03-6m Small $24.95
BES5692E-md Navy Sandal - 06-12m Medium $24.95
BES5692E-lg Navy Sandal - 12-18m Large $24.95 (Out of Stock)
BES5692E-xl Navy Sandal - 18-24m XLarge $24.95

Item# Item Name Our Price Qty
BESF8012-nb Spaceship - 0-3m Newborn $24.95
BESF8012-sm Spaceship - 03-6m Small $24.95
BESF8012-md Spaceship - 06-12m Medium $24.95 (Out of Stock)
BESF8012-lg Spaceship - 12-18m Large $24.95
BESF8012-xl Spaceship - 18-24m Xlarge $24.95
Item# Item Name Our Price
BESF8044-nb Soccer - 0-3m Newborn $24.95
BESF8044-sm Soccer - 03-6m Small $24.95
BESF8044-md Soccer - 06-12m Medium $24.95
BESF8044-lg Soccer - 12-18m Large $24.95
BESF8044-xl Soccer - 18-24m XLarge $24.95
Item# Item Name Our Price
BESF8042-nb Flames on White - 0-3m Newborn $24.95
BESF8042-sm Flames on White - 03-6m Small $24.95
BESF8042-md Flames on White - 06-12m Medium $24.95
BESF8042-lg Flames on White - 12-18m Large $24.95
BESF8042-xl Flames on White - 18-24m Xlarge $24.95

Item# Item Name Our Price Qty
BESF8043-nb Black Skull - 0-3m Newborn $24.95
BESF8043-sm Black Skull - 03-6m Small $24.95
BESF8043-md Black Skull - 06-12m Medium $24.95
BESF8043-lg Black Skull - 12-18m Large $24.95 (Out of Stock)
BESF8043-xl Black Skull - 18-24m XLarge $24.95
BESF8043-xxl Black Skull - 2-3 years XXLarge $24.95 (Out of Stock

Item# Item Name Our Price
BES007A-nb Blue Sport - 0-3m Newborn $24.95
BES007A-sm Blue Sport - 03-6m Small $24.95
BES007A-md Blue Sport - 06-12m Medium $24.95
BES007A-lg Blue Sport - 12-18m Large $24.95
BES007A-xl Blue Sport - 18-24m XLarge $24.95


nehtanyah said...

OMG!! the shoes are adorable!! still trying to figure out whether i should get one for DD since she's already walking.. she doesn't really like using them but always disturbing other people's shoes..

Malicious Mind said...

hi sandra. How r u? I love the shoes.. and any new prints lately? I thought of dropping by ur place these days and get few stuff from you. anyway, i enjoy using the cloth diapers. thanks to you..:)