Thursday, March 13, 2008

New in store this March 08

Hi all,

This is just a quick update from Mia Bambina this month.

As some of you know, there are a full inventory of Natural Soaps. @ RM 15/pcs .The best seller so far are: Peek a boo ( Arabian Mocha Coffee Scrubs), Blemish Reliefs African Black Soap, Lavender Dream ( Lavender , Oatmeal and Shea butter) and the Extra Gentle ( Aloe, Calendula and hemp seeds). Lavender Dream and Extra gentle are perfect for babies and young children.

There are also the most waited Sheepish Grins Goat Milk Soaps. @RM 16.50-RM 17.50 each. With the favorite scents of Pink Sugar, Blueberry Pies, Southern Pines and more... The next batch hopefully will be here in the next few weeks.

All of the natural and goat milk soap are handmade, and it will take times before next re-stocking.

Also handmade by Sheepish Grins are: Diaper solution ( Silk and Aloe , and Sensitive Skin type)
Also available the refills! And one of my favorite is the Brown Sugar Body scrubs! This is 100% natural and handmade in Utah,TX. Perfect for gift for new mama or mama to be!

Next , we got this affordable fitted diaper .This is a simple basic fitted diaper made from Unbleached birdeyes Cotton. This diapers are made for diaper service in USA and can hold many industrial laundering . This is the details from the manufacturer :

The most economical and durable fitted cloth diaper available. These diapers have been manufactured in the USA by stay at home moms and grandmoms since 1990. We first started making these cloth diapers for our own diaper service in the early 90's and several million diaper changes latter we have refined this diaper to be the best value for your customers dollar.

These diapers are designed to withstand the rigor of industrial laundering and hold up wash after wash.
Our hour glass shaped diaper is constructed of multiple layers of 100 % cotton material.
Durable and soft birdseye weave material is used on the outside and absorbent flannel on the inside.

Like a prefold these diapers are thicker in the middle where absorbency is needed most.
Instead of velcro which becomes bound up in the wash, we use a longer lasting adjustable snap tape closure.
Available in sizes Small to Large in unbleached (ivory) material

What is the different between Bleach and Unbleached material?

Bleached prefold diapers are white because the cotton yarn was bleached in the factory prior to weaving the material. Cotton is naturally an ivory or light brown color. The bleaching process turns the cotton fibers white and also removes the natural cotton oils in the fibers. In doing so the strength of the fibers is reduced and the resulting woven material is slightly less durable.

The bleaching process can lead to additional pollutants being released to the environment through airborne and waterborn emissions. Recent improvements in bleaching technology has reduced but not eliminated this impact.

Because unbleached diapers retain much of their natural cotton oils in the fiber matrix they are softer and more durable than bleached cloth diapers.

Unbleached prefold/fitted cloth diapers must be washed at least 2-3 times after you receive them before they become absorbant. We recommend washing the diapers in hot sudsy water and drying them on high heat and repeating as many times as necessary for the diapers to become absorbant.
Sandra's note: if your washing machine doesn't have hot water function , you can manually soak the diapers with hot water for about 15 mins and then put it in the washing machine, then hang dry. Repeat 3x.

You can test the absorbency by making a pocket of the diaper and slowly pouring 1/2 cup of liquid into the diaper. If the pools and does not soak in fairly quickly, keep washing. Depending upon the detergent you use and the hardness of your water and the natural variations in cotton materials you may have to wash these up to 5 times before they become fully absorbant.
Do not under any circumstance use fabric softener as this causes the fabric to be coated and thus repels moisture. Despite the added effort necessary to break in these diapers, they are extremely popular and by most accounts well worth it.

Small Layers: 3x9x3
Weight: 7-13 lbs
Stitching color :Peach

Medium Layers : 3x9x3
Weight : 13-18 lbs
Stitching color: Blue

Large Layers : 3x10x3
Weight : 18-25 lbs
Stitching color: Green

Sandra's note: pair this fitted diaper with microfleece liner or flushable liner ( for dry feeling if you like that) and covered it with Bummis/Thirties cover, you will get a good pair of diaper combo to start with.

This diaper is good as a newborn diaper as well, or as the diaper when your baby is in between size ( between small and medium, or between medium and large) as it is affordable but reliable , so you can use it and then move to more luxurious fitted such as My Precious Baby, Dream Eze, Swaddlebees, there are great for night time diapers and try Drybees bamboo , Kissaluvs or Imse vimse organic for trim and good fitting day time diaper.( you can always add boaster to have extra absorbency)

A sneak preview for the month of April: Minky blankets( limited qty), Minky wipe case , Minky wipes.*wink wink*
Keep coming back to be inform when the stock are here , and dont forget to join our mailing list !

Be safe and as always..keep your email coming if you need to know more about cloth diapering!
Until next time..


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