Sunday, March 16, 2008

My latest experiment with camera

I got this new camera from my dad during his last visit in the CNY holiday. The camera is Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ5 with the extended lens. And for the first time I like to share my behind the scene project in this Mia Bambina blog. Which normally I will post on my other blog.

So took this pics yesterday, while I must hold Maya on my other hand, trying to put the soaps near the pond without losing my balance , and snap the pics with my other hand.
hmm.. tricky...very tricky....but I think you all we become moms, nothing seems to be impossible to do....multitasking master has become our middle name.

After a few session, Maya decided that being on my hand was not as excited as she was with one twist, she was running around our yard, and tried to go near the pond.
And my task was just getting harder... to keep an eye of her, and another eye on the camera! ( my recent LASIK procedure will help this new task? ) I don't think so!

After a while she thought that: this is sooo boring! and she pulled me to go outside the gate and take a stroll around our neighborhood. And I had no choice but to followed her demand. And in my heart I silently prayed....Please don't let my neighbor notice that my pants is too short! ( I wore a short pants that actually I only wear at home ) So I just put a brave smile, and took Maya out for a short stroll to the near by playground.
Here is Maya ( with Indy's sandals) pointing outside and keep pulling me to go out...
She kept saying mama come..mama come come

She actually just wanted to have her afternoon walk and went to the playground to pick some flowers. And I thought : hey I could use that flowers in my photos!

So after a while, we were back again to our yard and then I started again with my next photos project. An outdoor photo shoot with added element of :FLOWERS!

And Maya is just getting so restless as she run around and putting back the soap back to the table , as she knew that soap doesn't belong anywhere near the pond!
And God has answered my prayer ( another prayer that is ) My maid came back from her off day just in the right time! HOORAY!So Maya stayed for a while with her and I can peacefully finished my "projects."

Here you go...( whatdayouthink?)

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Wai Mun said...

Sandra, u took very nice pictures on the soap, got natural feel....