Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Got feelin for Minky?

Finally it is here... :)
It was originated by an influence from a friend then it has turned into minky blanky hunting for the last month. And then deciding which combination looks good...what size will be better ...
So I cant be happier when there are here!

It is so soft, luxurious yet really lovely. It really made me to envy my girls, how come they all got these NICE blanky and not Mommy? Got my size meh....???!!!
This blanket is perfect for crib or stroller, in the car, airplane, or for a sleep over at grannies house.

Your baby will love to snuggle up with this Minky Animal Prints. So popular and hard to find. Made with Super Soft and Luxurious Minky Dot Chenile on Reverse.
Our standard blanket 30"x30" at RM 135
USD retail price is $ 40

Below from left to right:

Cow faux fur with pink minky chenile
Pink camo minky with white minky chenile
Cow faux fur with blue minky chenile
Cheetah faux fur with lime minky chenile
Zebra faux fur with red minky chenile
Moda Dots with lime chenile

Here is the custom made size of 30 X 60 inches, a real toddler size. Courtesy of Madame Purple. :)

Does it look like a cushion to you?

Click here to order yours!


LadyInRed said...

Wow..nice n comfy minky..wish i had one..

allthingspurple said...

oh.. Madame Purple? Ha Ha! Sandra, you are so farnee...

My... don't those assortment of animal print blankets just look so funky side by side like that ?!!