Monday, March 24, 2008

Dwink Box .. my nightmare safer....

So how many of us got this accidents from the juice box?
I had it for many many times. And I still have this trauma to give any young children under the age of 3 any juice or milk in the box. And even I tried and tried to warn not squeeze the box...hold it slowly...well they just the end...Squeeze it!

By worst nightmare came true during my last year trip to China. Indy got this Ribena pouch drink. And when I was so close to poke the straw into it, out of sudden my lil Maya grabbed the pouch and there you go... a full and high fountain of purple juice !!! As we all know how cramp can be the economy sit in the airplane ( I can't afford the business class yet ..:-D) and Thanks God, it just spilled a bit to the front chair and to the poor old lady in front of me. I was apologizing non stop to them. And then I saw Maya that she was covered in the juice and looked so amazed by the taste and kept licking her own self. And ME??? I was half purple my self! Lucky I wore a black top and pants. I couldn't imagine if I wear a white clothes, although purple is my favorite color but certainly I will not favored being colored LIKE THIS!

I remember I saw this box, that protect the drinks boxes to prevent those little hands to squeeze it! I saw the review in many parenting magazine, but I just couldn't remember what is the name of the items.

And guess what?? My searching has ended....I FOUND IT...and I am so glad that I will share this item with other moms out there.....
I don't know if you can get this in other part of Malaysia, but I certainly can't find it in Sabah.

So mom..without any more is what I was talking about:

Dwink Universal Box Holder

Designed to fit most individual drink boxes and pouches, including soy milk and extra small juices boxes
*Dishwasher safe*
*Non Skid Bottom*
*Comfort Grip Handle*
*Made in USA*

RETAIL FOR RM 23.50(Available in April )

Available in : pink, purple, orange and blue

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