Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Soaps, soaps, and more soaps part II

As promised this is the second post for soaps.
Our Mia Bambina line soaps are finally here.
I am so glad that many of Mia Bambina's customers are asking for more of this natural soaps.

We are adding the selections of the existing collections , and we , of course still carry the Mom's Favorite , such as Peek a boo ( Coffee Scrub), Lullaby ( oatmeal , honey ) and Playtime ( Lemongrass & Bergamot) , Pretty Things, 2 AM feeding. Extra Gentle( Aloe, Calendula, hemp)and Blemish Relief.

What's new this time:
Exotic line, that consist of 2 selection: Batavia, and Dewata.
Luxury line, this collection is known for it rejuvenation purposes, made from Camellia Oil.

And of course our most gentle soaps for babies, the DOLCE BEBE , that is an Olive Oil base enriched with Shea Butter, aloe vera, Oatmeal. I’ve always look for a great ,moisturizing but gentle soap. And I am in love with Olive oil based soap

Here are some of it :


The bursting of colors and the mixed of scents remind me of mybusy hometown Jakarta. The old name was Batavia given by the Dutch. With the essential oils of lavender, sweet orange, spearmint , peppermint, grapefruits and tangerine Plus cinnamon , lemon and honey.. hm.. really a trully melting pot.. it will give you a sense of relaxing but yet with the hint of energizing


Dewata or also known as The Island of the Gods. This soul warming scents bring my memory back to Bali.

Where everything in life just moved a bit slower.

A nourshing soap that will warm your body and your soul.

Proud Mama

A soft caress of rich wood tones, sweet mints, lemon and a dash of spice take you on a leisurely Autumn drive through the October Country

Splish Splash

An elegant harmony of relaxing Grapefruit & Star Anise to delight those with an adventuresome heart

Green tips:

When your soap bar getting small and thin, just grate it or cut it into small pieces, put it in the liquid soap container ( or handsoap container) add water, shake it and there you go.....a liquid hand soap!

Show me the soaps!

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