Saturday, May 3, 2008

And the winner is.................................

It is really hard for me to decide, you moms are SO creative! Where did you get that? Juggling between full time work, daily job as mom and wife, do-ing other part job, take care of children, socializing, blogging, online shopping and yet, you really try the best and I am so very pleased . I really appreciate it! Thanks to all of you CLOTHS MAMA!

So let's see the winner for:

One Drybees Hybrids AIO Diaper of your choice ( subject to availability)
One Regular Organic Cotton Willowpads + the hemp insert
One Organic Cotton Breast pads from Willowpads.

is: Giddy Tigress and here is her entry, Which I think is very creative


A darling baby sweet and cuddly

Flowers and ribbons in her hair, so lovely
An outstretched arm that seems to say "Momma"
My love, my precious, Mia bambina

A circular border that's a pretty lime green
Unity in togetherness, on one another we'll lean
And set amidst a clean white canvas
An image of purity and complete innocence.

The green of the earth provides for baby
A place to sit and rest, so comfy
A site that promotes everything earth-friendly
Something for everyone, not just Mommy and Daddy

Mia Bambina, a site full of expectations
Where dreams are attained beyond imagination
A greener Mother Earth we soon will see
A place that's right for you and me


And the winner of Drybees onesize bamboo fitted is the new mama:
Deana Edmund. Congratulation !
And here is her entry , which I think a real unique and made me smile!

Sona : “Mommy, What is that? (She is referring to Mia Bambina Website logo )

Mommy: “What do you see?”

Sona: “Oh, I see a cute baby sitting on top of the world. Am I correct mommy?”

Why is she sitting there?

Mommy: “She is representing kids like you. If you noticed, she is wearing a cloth diaper like you too. She raises her hand like that to show that she is giving something back to her environment, her world and your world too, of course”

Sona: “What wearing cloth diaper has to do with the environment and the world mommy?”

Mommy: “Oh, it has a significant impact on the long run. Mommy and other moms put their kids on cloth diaper in order to protect the environment. With washable diapers, there will be less garbage to dispose. This eventually will save our world in the future”

Sona: “Oh, I see, Thank you mommy for making a better world for me and for the rest of the kids and thank you for buying Sona those cute diapers. I love it”

Mommy: “You are most welcome. One day you will do the same to your baby too”

“Dear wake up!” I can hear dear hubby voice waking me up. Oh my God, I was dreaming. It was a nice dream talking to Sona about one of my favourite cloth diaper online store.

And I just love the following entry and have decided to give each of these entries :
a RM 10 Mia Bambina Voucher.


In my honest opinion, the logo is simple yet attractive. The simpler it is, the easier it will be remembered. A brief amount of text on the logo ‘Mia Bambina’ compliments the symbol and provides that extra bit of clarity what the business is about. The color chosen for the logo also suits the e-store well, as in pink to represent femininity and green to represents the environmentalist of the owner.

The logo represents a cute little girl wearing a pink cloth diaper sitting on the green earth. It reflected the nature of the business and the kind of products that Mia Bambina’s offer as in the product is environmental friendly and mainly for babies, kids and mum who cares about environment.

The message that wants to be conveyed from the logo is to save and love our mother earth for the future of our children and at the same time making our kids happy, comfortable and not forgetting being fashionable.

What makes the logo unique is because it is easily describable, recognizable (stands out as completely belongs to Mia Bambina’s), timeless (still can be used in 20 years time), it is compatible with the image and give positive and powerful first impression for her clients.

Sandra chooses to use the logo because it conveys the characteristics of her company to her clients at their first sight and it is easy for her potential client to remember her. In other words, the logo represents the company well and memorable for her clients, easier in her clients’ eyes, can leave a long lasting impression for her clients and faster it can register in her future customers’ mind.

Lastly, the meaning of Mia Bambina is Italian words for ‘my little girl’.

By: izyanti awang razli mommy to Mirza Khalif

Mia Bambina ,I am sure many moms are familiar with this name. This is the name of the online store that brings us all the adorable, versatile, environmental-friendly and most importantly affordable parenting and childcare items.

But do you know what it means? Simple, it just means My Dear Daughter, in Italian. Why? Because the owner has 2 lovely daughters and her husband is an Italian hunk! So I guess the e-store’s name is named after the lovely girls and their parentage.

Thus it is not surprising to see that Mia Bambina’s logo is also depicting a cute baby girl. And the baby girl is sitting on top of the earth. Hmm..i wonder what that means.

Here’s what I think…

I think the logo represents that the earth belongs to our children. We love our child and thus we must love also the world that we and they will live in. A healthy world for a healthy happy child.

What we do today to our earth will determine the state that our children will live in later.

Ideally we want to give the best, the healthiest choice to our children and yet not compromise the well-being of Mother Earth.

Mia Bambina
helps us to do that. By bringing wonderful chemical free parenting items to us. They not only help to keep our child happy and healthy, they are also environment friendly and yet do not burn a big hole in our pocket. Haha, the last point is very important. Every single person can make a difference, and of course the more the better.

I love the logo design. I am sure it has personal sentimental meanings to Sandra, the e-store owner. Yet it can be meaningful to others such as me.

I am happy to say that Mia Bambina has played a big role in helping me to switch from disposable diapers to cloth diapers. And I am happier to say that I am glad to know that I am making a difference to my child’s health and of course Mother Earth’s health.

By: Shooi


It’s about promoting awareness

for a sustainable future,

to leave Earth a better place

a world unlike any other.

Informing, Educating, Empowering,

starting them from birth;

to Respect, Cherish, Revere

and truly Love the Earth.

But more than that, it’s about

a healthier alternative;

for the environment and yourself,

Your future, your legacy – your prerogative.

Mia Bambina, my beloved child!

You deserve only the best;

a greener place, a better tomorrow,

free of harmful chemicals, no less.

How to start, where to begin,

Which is the best resource,

to start me on my greening journey?

Why Mia Bambina, of course!

Chirstine saw


The green Globe represents our humble Mother Earth with its lushful greenery of our rich natural resources which we benefit so much from in our daily lift such as oxygen from the plants and trees, fishes from the seas, spring water from the mountains and many more.

The beautiful Baby symbolizes the innocence and purity of our future generation because they have so much to learn about environmental awareness in order to save our Mother Earth from further harmful toxic wastes, gas pollutions and anything related to these issues. With the Baby's hand in a giving gesture toward the sky, it aptly echoes the dynamism that reflects our forward-looking stance. The vast sky which I imagine the Baby looks up to represents our many future generations to come.

As our Mother Earth is beneath the Baby, this shows that she is protecting it under her 'wings' until the next generation is ready to take over.

The logotype forms the contemporary leaves to exemplify the wholesome nature of our environment which I pray and hope will remain this way, if not better, for many years to come.

Lastly, I wish to convey this message to everyone:

Save our Mother Earth

Do not let it deteriorate away.

By: Jennifer Chin ( KK).


Mia Bambina – My Child

So, what is a fuss with a baby wearing cloth diaper sitting on the globe?

And hey, what is she doing? Is she calling out people of the world?

Sweet , down-to-earth logo with big agenda.

Small action can make BIG difference if more people aware of it.

As if the logo speaks for itself, let’s spread the goodness of cloth diapering to the world!

Cloth diaper is not merely about stinky pee absorption or yummylicious design. The idea is to educate people to be more environmentally conscious. It is a starting point! There are many other ways to protect our environment. And all the actions will be significant if more people aware & get involved into that matter. So, let’s spread the news!

When Mia Bambina was born, cloth diaper is quite alienated in Malaysia.

But with determination to create a change for better environment, now is the harvest time.

There are an increasing number of online stores in Malaysia focusing not only on cloth diapers but also other environmentally friendly product. Look, the news spread! The awareness is in the air! Thank you to Mia Bambina. The logo represents your determination to create awareness for better environment.

The better world for us and much importance for our children.

Zarita Hussein

Once again, Congratulation to you all ! And all winners will receive email from me soon.

Thanks and have a great week end.
And don't worry we will have more fun and prize in the near future.


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