Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wipes gallore and wipe cases !IN STOCK!

Here are what we WILL have in stock.....
Minky wipe cases. Please note that this time , this comes WITHOUT the wet wipes inside the case and still come with 3 flannels wipes until stock last! @ RM 55 each.

Mint Green dots minky

Baby blue dots minky
Baby Pink dots minky
Cow fur minky ( white dominant) in black or white trim

Giraffe fur minky with gold trimming

LIMITED Edition : PINK ROSE SWIRL ( RM 65) This is absolutely GORGEOUS!

OK now , to you all wipes freak out there, oops sorry I mean wipes lovers....
Hold your breath coz we got WAHMIES WIPES in NEW PRINTS!

Bears Collection :
TOP L-R : Sunshine Bears , Nursery bears, Flowery bears
Bottom L-R : 4th of July bears, Bear's family, Classic bears

Girl's Collections:
L-R: Ballerina, Call me, Darling flowers , Pastel Bubbles,Heels, Fairlyland, Girly Girl

Here is another view for girl's collections:

Boy's Collections:
Top to Bottom :
Alphabets , Dino's world, Traffic, Jungle Safari

Another view for boy's collections

WAHMIES wipes are made with quality flannel and sherpa backing. Size is 8 x 8 ". Sherpa backing is varies , some is white some is natural (beige) colors.

What is Cloth Wipes:

Cloth wipes can be use to replace disposable wipes. You can use it to clean baby's bottom, face, hands, and you can use it as a hanky too!. The possibility is endless. Babies love the softness to their skin, Toddler and Older kids ( and even a teenager) love the prints and colors. And moms love it for the function ( oh and the prints as well, sometimes we are just a kid at heart!)

CAUTION: beware that you can turn into wipes collector your self! And don't be surprise if you got "are u nuts" look from your colleague and friends ( for temporary only, they will be a wipes collector soon themselves too!!)


Bonnie said...

Wow Sandra, ur items are driving me crazy! LOL

chanelwong said...

aiyo...Sandra..very very nice

Jess said...

Wow! Sandra, gorgeous wipes cases and gorgeous wipes... drool.. drool..

deanacakes-kk Sabah,Malaysia said...

wah so cute..