Thursday, May 8, 2008

Post sale Syndrome

Hi Cloths Mamas!

Thanks you very much for your support during Mia Bambina's first storewide sale ever.

I am so glad that most of you are really a "WISE SPENDER". I can see from the order that most of you made a great purchase and I am glad that you had a great use of the 10% sale.

Some of the best purchase from you are:

GAD hemp insert and doubler - For those who stock up on these items, good for you. I know you heard it that hemp price will increase and so does USPS shipping charges . Hemp is heavy so that will effect the pricing.

Wahmies OS inserts- These was a great buy as well. Specially if you take the package deals.

Prefold- A very wise purchase.

Stock up on newborn diapers : you know newborn need a lot of diapers so to all of you that stock up for your nb, this sale sure give you more saving !

I learned a lot during this sale . And I got a lot of things still to learn. But this time sale absolutely give me a great experience and I hope I can arrange a BETTER sale next time.
( no !will no happen anytime soon LOL)

Thanks once again and please understand that there are T & C that I must follow during this sales.
So for those who still haven't make payment or I don't hear any news from you, I am regret to say that your order will be cancel and Normal Price will applied.
I just want to be fair and square to all of my customers. No golden child here. :)

Be safe n spend wise


chanelwong said...

I was sick sick...haiya miss it...
Good bargain...

Jess said...

Hey! Just dropping by to wish you Happy Mother's Day! ;)