Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mia Bambina shares the Christmas spirit for theirs customers!

HoHo Ho.... you better watch out ...Christmas is near and Mia Bambina going to blow you away with PRIZES!!! The prizes are too good to be true.... absolutely FREE (for Malaysian address ONLY)

What you should do ?

You must already been a Mia Bambina customers before ( I can check your purchase with me through my system)

That is it and then...
Please put comment on this post :
Please let me know why you do need another cloth diapers ? and what made you convert to cloths?

THAT 'S IT!....pretty simple... ( leave me your emails or if you want to keep your email private just copy and paste your comment and send it again via email to me . But Your comment SHOULD be posted in this blog)

I am looking for 2 Lucky ( and creative ) winners!

Dead line : 27 December 2008

What is the prizes?


Organic, One-Size... affordable.

Looking for organic, natural fibers next to your baby’s bottom? Our award winning one-size bumGenius design is now available with luxuriously soft, 100% organic cotton inside.

bumGenius Organic One-Size Cloth Diapers offer an industry first - tabs that stretch for a perfect fit. Stretchy tabs combined with simple hook and loop fasteners make cloth diapering easy. Our new, "no-stuff" system available only in the bumGenius Organic One-Size Cloth Diaper is an ideal solution for families with a child in day-care or family members resistant to cloth diapers! It really is as easy to use as a disposable diaper. Using the snaps on the front of the diaper, adjust the size if needed, put the diaper on your baby, wash, dry and re-use. No extra steps. No stuffing. No cover required. Our one-size diapers are designed to fit most babies weighing between 7 and 35 pounds.


  • Absorbent layer integrated into the waterproof outer layer.
  • One step cloth diaper - no stuffing!
  • Hook & loop closures - like disposable diapers.
  • Ultra-absorbent, certified organic cotton inner.
  • Gentle leg elastic contains the mess!


One piece of ONE WAHMIES Onesize Diapers worth RM 66

What are you waiting for ? put those comments in...


Before we go....

Merry Christmas to you all.... share the love , joy and the spirit with all your loved one and with those who's closed to your heart!

From our family to yours


Evelyn LG said...

Hmm.. why do I need another CD, bcos current CD collection is still not enough and I'm still (sometimes) need to use the disposable diapers.

And what made me convert to cloths, well it's not only healthy to the baby skin, and green to the environment but also make my baby looks cool and trendy :D


Hush Little Angels Blog said...

For a cloth diaper addict momma, I have to confess that it is difficult to draw the line between a “WANT” and a “NEED”. I would love to have another one (or maybe more!) cloth diaper to add to my pool of “Collector Item”, something to appreciate and show case during mommy-to-mommy gathering and you can really hear the ooh…ah...nice…cute (as if it is a new LV bag!).

But most of all, it is my love for my baby and her future environment that made me convert to cloth diaper. The modern cloth diaper has really changed my diapering experience and even daddy volunteers to change the yucky diaper now!

Thanks Sandra for pioneering modern cloth diaper in Malaysia.

arfizal said...

".. why you do need another cloth diapers ? "

heavy wetter baby always pee,
not enough CD, others still wet in laundry,
it's time for me, to get more nappy,
no wonder why, BG recommended minimum twenty..

new nappy called CD,
new technology here comes BG,
available @ mia bambina, so no need to worry,
got one free.. thanks from me!

".. and what made you convert to cloths ? "

completely blind when new to CD,
too many terms like Inserts, Doublers, RN, CD, OS & AIO,
if we don't try we didn't know,
once convert to cloth, i can't say NO!

nice to see.. nice to touch..
driest keeping.. keep my baby skin from rash..
great value for money.. only need to wash n wash..
a litle bit pricey.. but worth to daddy pouch.. :-)

look modern, look trendy,
best looking, easiest CD,
it's funky, and fit my baby properly,
that's why i choose cloth nappy! :-D

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Sandra and All Mia Bambina customers. Enjoy online shopping!

giddy tigress said...

(sung to the tune of White Christmas)

I'm dreaming of another cloth diaper...
Just like the ones I used to know
Even though I have plenty
I'll never have one too many
Cuz my new baby's soon gonna say "hello" :)

I'm dreaming of another cloth diaper...
Just so my newborn will have a good night
For my switch to cloth is so right...
Mother Earth will thank me in delight!

I'm dreaming of another cloth diaper...
To save a penny along the way
"Cloth for me" is all I will say
Life will surely be brighter every day.

Mabel said...

".. why you do need another cloth diapers ? "
Well, I am still in the stage of CD collecting as both my 2 younger boys (James is 3 years and Lucas is 3.5 months) are now fully on CDs. Till present, my diaper stash collection is still less than 20pieces. Having an extra CD, and all the more when it is one of my OS favorites, for sure I’ll be leaping with joy to participate in this contest.

".. and what made you convert to cloths ? "
When I had Shawn (my first born), we really had to spend a lot of money purchasing disposables as he does poo and pee a lot. On an average scale, he will be using at least 6 diapers in a day and another 2 at night. That would be a minimum of 8 disposable diapers if not more. Moreover, over long wearing period, Shawn started developing some serious diaper rash. It was then, I decided to change to the conventional method of cloth diapering. And with the scale of Shawn being a heavy wetter, I needed 4 dozens of cloth diapers in order to meet with the needs.

When James came along in late 2005, I felt I had it through and through with the conventional cloth diapering as it was really a hassle as we are staying in an apartment where space was always a constraint for effective sun drying. That’s when we actually started using disposables again. And I have to agree with Sandra – it was pinching into our pockets at the rate of James’s usage too.

As the effects of global warming are getting more alarming these days, and with the birth of Lucas, I felt I needed to find a solution to help with the environment and at the same time, I could save some extra cash for the global economic downturn. That’s when the internet has been my main source of information desk. I read a lot about the modern and chic method of cloth diapering and the fact that there were many positive feedbacks about pursuing on an exciting journey of cloth diapering, and that’s when I made the switch for good. And I certainly have no regrets over my decision as I DO save the environment and I AM saving my pockets in a long run as well.

Sandra@miabambina said...

Day by day there is so many brand and pattern for CD and its make me want to try using it. Yup…we are women! Women and shopping are synonym is it??

I am using CD for my Shahdani, 1 year 4 month. Shahdani absolutely look charming wear it. Beside save my cash instead buy a disposable diaper, I found CD is an ideal solution for me to shows my concern to Mother Nature…at least I do try.
2009 is near. YUP!! I am planning to have another baby and I try to make CD as my practice.

submitted on behalf of
suraya abdul aziz ( via email)

shooi said...

All I want for christmas is more cloth diapers
More cloth diapers? Oh Yes more cloth diapers
All I want for christmas is more cloth diaper,
Something NEW & SWEET for my baby to flaunt in!

My dear baby Dylan are on hand me down BGs,
From his big brother who are now too big,
Though they are still comfy and keeps him dry,
Signs of wear, here and there I spy.

Started CD just for fun,
First with 4 CDs then some more,
Dispo diapers out the door,
Why settle for less,
When you have the best,

Best for baby, best for nature,
No rash for baby,
No trash for nature,
Sure they come with a small price tag,
But look long term and you will sure say “OH YES!”

Hanz said...

There is necessary for me,
To have more and more CD,
As the current stash I have,
Unable to prove what I save.

I want to do my part,
Eco-friendly stuff is in my heart,
Converting fully to CD,
Is what I want to be.

Never get bored on searching,
Expert cloth-mamas reviews I keep on learning,
MiaBambina is my 1st hunting place
Addicted? Yes, I rest my case!

Jen said...

My diaper collection is small,
Totals less than 5 in all,
I certainly hope for a windfall,
Please Sandra, can I have more?

Can't wash them quick enough,
Can't dry them quick enough,
Since baby loves them so much,
I need more of these good stuff!

My baby wears it day and night,
Keeps her comfy and dry, alright.
They make her smile in delight,
And I'm thankful for this foresight!

No more pain, no more rash,
Easy to clean, easy to wash,
I certainly wish I had more cash,
To build up my diaper stash!

Mother earth will thank me,
As CDs are environmental-friendly,
Let's preserve her in all its glory,
For our children's future, definitely!

Money I save aplenty,
Hubby is grinning happily,
My baby is happy as can be,
That is why, cloth diapers is for me!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Bonnie said...

Wow, Christmas give away!! I likey! And god, the prizes is so tempting!! Thanks mia bambina for this great give away!!

Well, here goes mine. The reason I would like to have another cloth diaper is because I wanted to try different brand and types of diapers if possible I would like to try all! So that I know which suit my boy, or which suit light/heavy wetter etc. And of course also can share my experience and thoughts on certain things about cloth diapers with others especially those who havent converted to cloth diapers or still new to cloth diapering.

What makes me converted to cloth? Seriously at 1st I know about cloth diapers, I went clueless. I still remember keep asking Sandra this and that. All I know it is something work like disposable diapers but can be rewash & reuse. So I think the main reason that makes me converted to cloth is saving! Plus economic now not so good, cloth diapering is definetely a saviour to my pocket. And after more reading, I know it helps to save environment too! So I have more reason to stick to cloth diapering. =)

Let's sing a Christmas Song in my CD version..
(Tune to Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer)

Why do I need more diapers?
The answer is very clear
To save my money for sure
Plus it's very stylish oh
To share with other mommies
What's good about cloth nappies
As soon as you've tried CD
You fall in love, definetely.

What makes me turn to cloth diapers?
Because money matters
With the economic not so "bright"
I've got to make decision right.

To give the best to my boy
And the environment also
Afterall it is something
That is better than disposal

Even it's a little expensive
But I save aplenty money
It can be rewash and reuse
And that's how garbage can be reduce

I hope all mommies out there
Give a try to cloth diapers
I can guarantee that you
Will never back tp disposal!

That's all from me. Wishing all mommies a Merry Christmas.. And soon Happy New Year 2009!

Sandra@miabambina said...

Comment via email on behalf of Joanne M Lee

First and foremost I would like to thank the Madam sponsor, Sandra for being a great CD Customer Care for the superb advice and care on cloth diapering, and giving away one piece of the New BumGenius OS is one offer that mothers out there should not miss out, and I am exceptionally one of them too.

so do u want to know why I need another coth diaper, well here goes....to be frank and truthfully, Cds are very stylish, cute, too adorable, love to touch and very very addictive. It is very convenient to working mothers like me for instance as I don't have a maid nor helper to care for the laundries. It is also convenient to the day care, that they (teachers) offer to help clean up the poo mess and even pre-rinse the soiled cds. Plus they even love to match her cds with her clothings.

The main reason that I convert to cloths is because of the troublesome to dispose the used dispos into the bin. I live in an area where there are no dump trucks to come and collect our rubbish waste. So we'd normally bury them behind our backyard. The problem lies in when stray dogs come in the night and rummage and make a terrible mess with the dispos. I can't stand it having to rake/sweep the bitten bits and pieces of dispos in our backyard where our children go out and play. From then on, I swear myself that I must stop buying dispos and convert to cloths.

Cloth diapering is easy as 1, 2, 3, but it is hard to convince mothers to convert because of the misused concepts/misinformed/confused information which can be resolved by providing pamphlets of the benefits of cloth diapering. Lastly, cloth diapering is easy to use, easy to wash and care and easily ADDICTIVE!!

Have a Joyful Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year ahead!

~Joanne M. Lee~

Anonymous said...

I need more cloth diapers for rainy days and to satiate my cloth diaper obsession. They are addictive and I have a love-hate feelings for it. I love it because they are luxurious and adorable on baby’s bum, and it can be mixed and matched with baby’s clothes. I absolutely hate it because they burn big holes in my pocket!

I converted to cloth diapers as the disposable diaper’s rubber band breaks easily on my wriggly baby. I just love how cloth diaper fits my baby and the comfort it provide when she’s in it. I suppose this is also a show case of mother’s unconditional love for her baby.

Anonymous said...

Why do I need another CD?
As long as my healthy baby poops and pees it helps to have another one on standby. It especially helps because we have very unpredictable weather.

I became a CD mom because I have a very enthusiastic CD mom who promoted Cd as if she was Mia Bambina's spokesperson Ha, Ha. At that time my baby was suffering from severe rash. After using it(cd) and organic salve the first time the rash just gave up and moved bottom. Problem solved. Using CD is allowing me to do my bit to save the earth. I'm now encouraging soon to be mummys to try CD. Let's all go GREEN.

To all Merry Chritmas and a Happy New Year 2009.


lilly said...

wow. the comments here are so hebat it'll be difficult to compete =P
anyway, if you ask me why do i need another cloth diaper? it's because i've never owned one before. lol. i've been reading Farrah's blog about her ranting and raving about how kewl CDs are but i just never thought of using them. that is, until a friend of mine starting going crazy over CDs. which got me curious (which will eventually kill me) and got me thinking whether i should try some out for myself.
so... what made me convert to cloths? i haven't though. but we'll see how influence goes. there are tons of information on the net, but a Mommy won't know the benefits for baby unless she tries them for herself =)
that's my two cents anyway.
(hmmm... maybe i should blog about this =D)

Saza said...

Please let me know why you do need another cloth diapers ? and what made you convert to cloths?

Why i need another cloth diaper? do i need it? yes of course, with another daughter just came to our life last october, i do really need cloth diapers for both of my daughters. I can see in their heart crying when ever i put on those nasty dispo and this is why i convert from dispo to cloth diapers. Those dispo are really horrible creature in our nature nowadays. With colth diapers i can save a lot, i can't imagine that we are throwing our money to the garbage but with cloth diapers we still can manage to sell them off or just give it to somebody who need it when our children outgrown it.

Anonymous said...

(Why do I need another CD?)

I need another CD because it makes me feel proud that I'm now a CDing mommy..being a new SAHM and now this..

(What made me convert to cloths)

1st-ly,it is much..much easier to scout for cheaper CDs than disposables..2nd-ly,no more surprise rashes on my kids,save on clinic bills..3rd-ly,it calls for attention even when its drying outside..
Need I say more?

by Shaliza-sempret78@yahoo.com.my

chanelwong said...

I am not so creative in writing song and poem.

I will start with "What made me CONVERT to Cloths?"

Comfortable (wearable)
Original (basic)
Now (in-thing)
Valuable(like visa "it is priceless)
Environmentally Friendly (Go green)
Reuseable (every green)
Trainer (for the future)

"Why I NEED another cloth diapers?"

Necessity (more of a need than a want)
Economical (value for money)
Enthusiastic (more to come)
Dedicated (ode to cloth diaper)

Sandra, thanks for introducing me to CD....

deanacakes-kk Sabah,Malaysia said...

who is the winner? i miss this one..

sen chia said...

When will the BumGenius ONESIZE ALLINONE ORGANIC diapers available on online store?